Team help. Stuck on 11-2. What should I change?

2021.10.17 00:12 S1NVioleGrace Team help. Stuck on 11-2. What should I change?

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2021.10.17 00:12 Alexiachavez07 #Theos Vision Brought To You.

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2021.10.17 00:12 legobob4evr help please, there is no water in this sector and no titanium either

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2021.10.17 00:12 DangerouslyDia Closet Door Paint Repair

Excuse my ignorance as a first time homeowner, but the paint peeled on my coat closet door. Is this as simple as just painting over it? Is there a particular paint used for these types of things? Thank you!
Door in question:
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2021.10.17 00:12 mlpnko02 My best catch in the wild from 2015

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2021.10.17 00:12 KINGSAGG83 No glitch out method

Let's trade....
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2021.10.17 00:12 Bloodman123726 (M/A4A) Undertale and Deltarune Roleplay

Hey everyone. I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in doing an Undertale/Deltarune role-play and is 18+ in terms of age. This is because I have a preference to only role-play with fellow adults along with those who wish to have a long-term, plot driven role-play. Be it my idea, yours or one that we can try make up together! Either way, here is a bit more about myself.
I'm from the United Kingdom and I role-play at a minimum of a paragraph but can fluctuate depending on what's going on in the role-play scene-wise. Personally I prefer detail over length, role-play in third person and as multiple characters as they are needed. Especially for world-building and character development. I'm good to also do romance so long as it's something that naturally happens throughout. Basically slow burner ones. Finally, I also enjoy chatter if you are into that to.
As for my idea that we could possibly do, it's too long to fully post. Though the general premise is simple but I believe I did a good job in making it unique. It's based on what if Chara didn't die. Causing a change of events for Frisk when they fall down before eventually confronting Chara in this different tale. They'd find themselves, after being pushed into the CORE, in Deltarune! Be it Chapter 1 or 2. There's much more explanation of such that I'm happy to share in the DMs.
If you are interested from the above, feel free to contact me in the DM's and we can work something out! Thanks for reading
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2021.10.17 00:12 plushgamR Guess the character via quote!

You keep beeping and booping me I'm gonna beep beep a garbage truck into your girlfriends face!
Its an unused line from Friday Night Funkin
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2021.10.17 00:12 plonyguard I have a theory about the Old Man, and I don't think I've seen it talked about anywhere.

I think he realizes how fucked up it all is through the course of playing, and you can see his whole demeanor change right up until Gganbu, and even afterward.
I also think he singles out Gi-Hun to be his successor in the hopes that Gi-Hun will put a stop to it all.
This is long. Hear me out.
Some basic assumptions first:
1) He is actually dying of a brain tumor and has nothing to lose.
2) He genuinely wants to experience the game as a player, and there are no advantages (i.e. - he is shackled to the rope in Tug-of-War).
During Red Light, Green Light he is smiling, laughing, having a grand old time. He also hasn't really forged a relationship with anyone yet.
He is somewhat stricken by the carnage of the first game, which is why he really mulls over his choice during the vote before deciding to let them choose if they really want to be there.
He's still invested in the concept of the game he designed though, which is why when he meets up with Gi-Hun on the outside he talks about dying on his feet vs letting his cancer run its course.
During Dalgona, he realizes the position he has put himself in and recognizes that Gi-Hun saved his ass. This is also when his relationship of camaraderie with Gi-Hun really begins to take form. (Gi-Hun could've hidden when he decided to start licking the dalgona, and he also could have been egotistical about how many people started copying him, but he didn't do either of those things.)
The mini-game is a turning point for Il-Nam. I truly believe he is genuinely in fear for his life during the moment he stands up and screams for everything to stop. To the point where he knows he risks exposure - but he does it anyway.
Moving on to Tug-of-War, here he actively tries to save his team. Let's put aside my assumption that he was shackled. Even if he wasn't (like a lot of folks are saying), and therefore had no risk of dying if his team lost, why then would he divulge his strategy for winning? I believe that this is the point where the players become more than "horses to bet on" for him and he actually starts to recognize them as human beings and absorb the gravity of what he has created. He smiles when leaning back because of the sense of unity he feels with the team.
When he is talking to Gi-Hun about the strike, he apologizes for being blasé about the media turning the strike into "some big story". He recognises the suffering that the playera have endured on the outside as genuine. His headache and fever were real symptoms of his tumor, and he is thankful toward Gi-Hun for caring for him, further establishing theor bond. He actually does piss himself when the sirens go off (Gi-Hun presents the empty water bottle to Sae-Byeok when he thanks her for it). He's sick and distraught by what he has done, combined with the fact that his "horses" are showing him kindness. Combined with his emotional distress, the siren scares the piss out of him, literally.
During the partner selection process for the 4th game, the Old Man's posture and demeanor while he is sitting in the corner is one of shock. His face is empty. He looks like he is finally realizing the full horror of what he has created - especially with him being the orchestrator of what follows in Gganbu. The players are humanized to him now, and he is faced with the fact that he has just manipulated them into killing their closest allies. When Gi-Hun gives Il-Nam his jacket to cover himself, that's when Il-Nam decides to mark him as untouchable and/or the winner by giving him the 001 jacket.
Which brings us to Gganbu. The phrase i keep latching onto when they do the "pinky swear" handshake is "Gganbu share everything". Big picture - he's referring to information about the game's origin and potentially sharing the responsibility of being the host (he knows he's dying, after all). Small picture - he's referring to the marbles. The dementia episode is faked. He wants to push Gi-Hun into a vulnerable mental state and see if he can break him into thinking like the host. Gi-Hun is inherently just and relatively pure in his intentions up to this point. When faced with death (and let's be real, luck was never really on Gi-Hun's side in the outside world) - Gi-Hun crumbles and shows that he, too can be just as ruthless as the game's creator. When Il-Nam asks Gi-Hun to share just one marble, he is denied. When he invites Gi-Hun to bet everything on one hand (knowing that both of them have an odd number of marbles) Gi-Hun objects to the absurdity of the idea. The Old Man tells him in so many words that it's no more absurd than taking advantage of a friend in a compromised mental state. In both scenarios, you have to compromise either logic or morality to obtain a desired outcome, an outcome that completely screws over one party - with dire consequences.
Right before he "dies" - he tells Gi-Hun that "everything will be ok". He's not just talking about himself. He's talking about the final outcome of the game. And it's not just because he marked Gi-Hun with 001. He recognizes ethical qualities within Gi-Hun at that point that will result in him being the winner, potentially becoming the host, and putting a stop to the madness Il-Nam created.
We move to the scene where the host is supposed to meet the VIPs and bows out. I think Il-nam was so affected by his experience that he simply couldn't watch anymore. His statement to the Front Man that playing dulls the experience of watching was half-fact, half-excuse. He couldn't stomach it anymore.
The "big reveal" at the end seems to be the most problematic part of this theory. I would argue that Il-Nam was trying to use his final wager to illustrate his point - how easy it is to slip into the mindset of the creators of the game. Everyone keeps talking about how Gi-Hun could've gone down to the street, helped the man and proven Il-Nam wrong. But he didn't. The answer (and the potential of winning and exacting revenge on Il-Nam) was worth more to Gi-Hun than the homeless man's life. That, to me, brought it full circle. That the "horse" could easily become the "better". Il-Nam's statement that the money was Gi-Hun's to spend - that he earned it - was weighted and bittersweet. Exsistential, but not wrong.
If they choose to end it at one season, i think it would stand perfectly as it is. If they continue, especially if they continue with Gi-Hun as a main character, then i sincerely hope that this is his plan of attack.
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2021.10.17 00:12 Similar_Board3225 While you are using reddit what are you doing now?

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2021.10.17 00:12 TN_Egyptologist Shawabtys of Nesmutaatneru

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2021.10.17 00:12 marcx88 Nick @ Carré, Amsterdam tonight. Great to be at a live show again!

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2021.10.17 00:12 bernankekaput Sick Patch Saturday Newest Splash Brother, Jordan Poole

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2021.10.17 00:12 davida_fh Grabé en la penca de un maguey tu nombre ...

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2021.10.17 00:12 Johana_X11 Rob still rockin’ sunglasses while being a bad boy

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2021.10.17 00:12 AnonymousAccountHa 33M. Let's just pretend I put something amazing here that prompts you to message me!

Cause like...titles are hard, you know?
Mostly just looking for cool people to chat with to mix up my work days from long monotonous drags to something a bit more interesting and fun.
Want to talk about video games, anime, traveling, or other random nerd shit? I'm your guy
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2021.10.17 00:12 ZucchiniElectronic60 Eldar-Shrine World story idea

This idea may seem a bit weird, so please bear with me.
My idea revolves around a Cardinal World by the name of Peladon in the Imperium Nihilus in the early days of Millennium 42 that is besieged by the forces of Chaos Undivided. We're talking cultists, a Chaos flotilla, some Chaos Astartes and incursions by Daemons. Although the people of Peladon do all they can to hold out, a lot of the planet is under the invader's control, the cardinal is dead along with a large portion of the other leaders, and it looks like it's only a matter of time before the planet falls.
Salvation comes in the form of a to-be-decided Craftworld, led by Autarch Dunvan, who intervene on the basis of being informed by their Farseers that the planet will be pivotal in regards to stemming the tide of Chaotic incursions, meaning that it would fulfill a role that is much more important than it does at the beginning of the story. The Craftworld and its escorts break through the Chaos flotilla and begin sending troops down to the surface to clear out the invasion force.
The arrival of the Eldar would put the inhabitants of Peladon in a really weird place. The Imperial Creed tells them to abhor the xenos, and yet the xenos are having much butter success in fighting off the heretics than they are. As the fighting dies down, some of the Peladonians believe that the Eldar would become a threat to them once the Chaos invaders are driven out. Some believe that they should not take any hostile actions towards the Eldar and should give them as much assistance as possible. And then, a good portion of the people believe that the Eldar's arrival was the God-Emperor's response to their prayers for deliverance and that not only would spurning them be downright heretical, but the actions of the forces led by Autarch Dunvan and the situation at hand entail that he be acknowledged as the overall leader of the human defenders until forces from the Imperium can arrive.
Should this come to pass, Dunvan would be treated as not only the leader of the Eldar's forces on Peladon, but as the acting governor of one of the most well known Cardinal Worlds in the Imperium. This implication causes no small amount of dispute among the Peladonians.
Guilliman would be informed to the Eldar's arrival to Peladon through an astropathic transmission though I'm not sure if Papa Smurf will go there in person or not.
The Eldar would mainly be focusing on expelling the Chaotic forces, but the confusion among the planet's human inhabitants would get their attention as well. Dunvan would begin to notice that a good amount of the planetary populace seem to not only take no issue with his presence but they treat him as if he were a high ranking Ecclesiarchy official.
As weird as this premise is, I'm think of pursuing it because I want to explore how humans in the 40k Universe would respond to being saved by a group that their religion tells are are nothing better than filth. I want to see how the Ecclesiarchy's rhetoric holds up in the face of such a development and the aftereffects of such a development, both in the moment and in the long term.
Please give me your thoughts.
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2021.10.17 00:12 AnimeDreama [BioShock Infinite] Even on Nintendo Switch this game is still as gorgeous as it was in 2013.

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2021.10.17 00:12 yes_its_him Trevor Story's high school team was the Tigers.

Story attended Irving High School in Irving, Texas. He played for the Tigers baseball team as a shortstop and pitcher, reaching 96 miles per hour (154 km/h) with his fastball.[1] He also played for the football team as a quarterback, but stopped playing football after his sophomore year of high school so that he could focus more on baseball.[2] He committed to attend Louisiana State University (LSU) on a college baseball scholarship.[1][3]
LSU is also the Tigers, though he didn't end up playing for them.
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2021.10.17 00:12 Elminday Message queues — what are they?

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2021.10.17 00:12 BitRepresentative500 The Last of Us | Part 5 | FRIEND OR FOE?!

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2021.10.17 00:12 jam_rok What is the difference between a “translator” and an “interpreter”?

I was reading Max Brook’s World War Z and one of the characters mentioned that he was a interpreter and someone else was a translator. What is the difference?
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2021.10.17 00:12 Uriel077 everytime when I lose fifty fifty

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2021.10.17 00:12 Calibrumm only 20? I think I have a few more than that after a few hundred hours lol. see inside.

Forum Post
"QoL and bugs: I’m purposefully excluding obvious issues like network instability, teleporting mobs (also network related most likely), account issues, etc because they’re beyond the scope of player feedback. AGS is fully aware of those types of issues and will do whatever they do to fix it. if you have a problem, submit a report and move on. crying on reddit/forums/twittediscord wont fix it sooner.

Balance and Features:

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2021.10.17 00:12 KhrisDiamond KhrisDiamond

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