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2021.10.17 00:13 kyg_gaming Top 5 Mobile Legends Best CC Hero That Wreck Hard!

Top 5 Mobile Legends Best CC Hero That Wreck Hard! Losing games sucks, what we want is to win. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing solo or with someone. Our goal is to win almost every game that we play, and I have come with a solution for that. Heroes are what we use in this game. Their skills and abilities are crucial. and we need to understand them much better. Now I have here, my personal opinion on how strong our heroes are. Here we have the Top 5 Mobile Legends Best CC Heroes That Wreck Hard. This guide will help you climb your way up to the higher rank.
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2021.10.17 00:13 This_Kaleidoscope_16 Is it worth it?

Is it worth paying for that service for relaying? There is a link on one of the bobcat blogs to a service that takes care of ports. Does anyone know if it works and is it worth it?
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2021.10.17 00:13 CHRISVALD The Chivalric Order of the Dragon, the Medieval Shield of Christendom

Medievalchivalric orders are the fabled and idealized stuff of legend. But what exactly was the Order of the Dragon, the brainchild of Sigismund of Luxembourg.
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2021.10.17 00:13 LukeWasNotHere What Happens After Humans Kick Alien Ass? Chapter Four : Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Authors note: Short chapter I can't think of what to do next, so if any of you have any plot ideas please tell me I'm getting desperate. Also spoilers for "The Dropped" I show that may or may not be made. Enjoy ;}
Stolen Based off of:
The 100 - Netflix
The life of a teenage hellworlder - HFY
Every high school Anime ever
Sexy Space Babes - HFY
[First] [Previously] [Next]
As her fist got friendly with my face. I begin to think about my place in the universe. Was I always roommates with her? Or did the headmaster change it? Why can’t I be roommates with Neolgra? Why not someone of the same gender? Why a Caelums? Why Gaia? Why must you do me like that universe?
Like metal on metal, felt like she broke my cheekbone. The pain radiated like a spider's web. Cracking, the thud was sharp. Her knuckles were a whip.
Her form was good for someone blind with rage. A southpaw’s lead hook has broken many young boxers dreams. Sucker punches are usually a coward's move. Done by someone who knows they can’t win. I’ll let this slide for now.
Time caught up with me. Along with the floor.
“Well there goes my ass.” Ow. Fuck! Son of a Bitch! Dick Move! God, you're lucky I’m not gonna kick your ass.
“You finished yet Gaia?” She wasn’t. For three minutes she swung at me, yes I counted. The first minute she was silent, like a robot without feelings, without having to stop to breathe. Perfect form, each strike with a clear target. A clear goal, to hurt me.
Each punch started from the ground. Her wide hips twisted as her abs tensed, like it was being electrically shocked. A blink and you’d miss it, that was what her plan was anyways. She was living lighting.
I blocked all of her punches. What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?
The next minute her form was nonexistent, like a child she swung at the monster not the man. She grunted like a grizzly, and fought like a dog. She let fatigue get the best of her. She didn’t start her punches from her legs, but from her enraged heart.
Then at the third minute, tears. She cried. First it was small. A dam breaking. And she was still swinging. Wailing. Snot exploded out of her. The floor was soaking wet.
Have you ever wanted to hate a person so much? Have you ever wanted to make a person a villain? But, just can’t. She hates me, and it makes sense. I want to hate her so desperately. Like the way she was, desperately trying to kill me. Failing.
I have aphantasia. I don’t have a mind's eye. If I were to imagine boobs with opened eyes, then if I closed them. It wouldn’t matter. When I close my eyes I see nothing. Memories then are fleeting feelings. Lost sensations, of a time that may as well be at the birth of the universe. But some memories, I can feel them, like it’s happening right now.
When I was a nine year old, I got into my first fight. I was in my snow fort. The wind was a hundred needles, coming from a hundred directions. Snow covered anything it could get its hands on. That fort made me feel warmer. It was mine, I made it all by myself
They tried getting in, but I didn't let them. For the first minute my form was absolutely perfect. I fought so hard. I was so warm I wanted to rip off my jacket. The next minute I let the anger consume me. At the last minute I cried. But I still swung.
I am a bad man. I knew that the moment I knew what bad was. I am a self absorbed, easily angered, violent, cruel, sarcastic teenboy with a Godcomplex. Who tries so desperately to be good, and fails at the slightest push.
I hate myself, like everyone. Everyone dislikes parts of themselves just a little, enough to make themselves better. The things I have done haunt me. Sixteen. Just sixteen years old. But after the fight in the snow, as the years flashed by. The aliens are right about me. How my father forgave himself for everything he's done, everything I’ve done that’s what makes him a badass.
I want to hate Gaia because she is me. Everything I hate about me, is what I see in her. She is my perfect villain.
She sunk down. I thought her crying was over. Turns out she was holding back. A storm. Everything came out. Every failed test, every stubbed toe, every lost friend, every family member she never got to meet because of us. All the shells she found while playing as a kid. The former warzone that was her planet. All because of us. Us. Humans. In my humble opinion, we were better off not knowing we weren’t alone. Aliens should have left us alone, for their sakes.
Twenty minutes she wept, yes I counted. Wanted to join her many times. Nearly did even more. Held out though. You learn how to hide it.
She fused to me. She yanked on my mahogany sweater like letting it go would kill her. Finally she untangled herself from my sweater and towered over me.
“You can stay, but if you ever talk to me, I’ll kill you like your father would.” She commanded it, in a soft growl.
I simply nodded.
And so began the second most shaky alliance in Human and Caelums history. I kept to my lack of a word and didn't utter anything. Hell I didn’t think of words. One week. Just grunts and looks. She cooked her own food, I cooked mine. She was imprisoned in her room, I was stuck in mine. She breathed her way, I breathed mine. She lived her way, I survived mine.
Neolgra is still a giant green nerd. School is still ass. Some things never change.
“Okay class!” Cat lady has finally grown some balls. Everytime she looked at me her life flashed before her eyes. I can see her flight and fight instinct overclock. She is brave. Everyone sitting in this class, this school is brave. They are all scared as hell, but are doing it anyways. Respect…

Oh my God why? You would think the history of freaking aliens would be at least somewhat intriguing. Why in the guys behind me tentacles is space history so Goddamn, mind numbingly dry as Gaia looking at me?!?!?! Why?!?!
Mercifully the class ends.
“My word, I hope you’re on my team in Phys ed.” Neolgra is looking at me funny. He’s trying his best to make me forget my “roommate” oh giant green man, I got used to it three days ago.
“Wait, why is gym starting in the second month of school?” That’s weird as hell man.
“When does it start for human education programs?” Neolgra raised his eyebrow. Something his kind can do. Huh.
“Start of the year. I think. Doesn’t matter, lets go kick some ass.”
Oh you gotta be shiting me.
Damn, none of my other classes have Gaia but NoOOoOoooOOo. Neolgra's eyes are slowly wiggling out of his head. And his head so far forward he looks like a turtle. I would hold your shoulder but you know, can’t reach.
She grunted, roughly translated “Oh great you’re here.” Jesus my balls just shot back into my body.
I grunted back. “Yeah I know, put a sock in it. You big baby.” She broke eye contact first. Ha, Humans 2 - Caelums 0.
“Okay everyone.” Oh, guess Bigfoot is real. Ok let’s see what we got here. Okay about 6’7, oh and built like a truck stick. Forearms as big as my biceps. I think. His hair looks like a giant mop, so if I could really see it then he would need a doctor. Deep minuscule inset eyes with a bonobo nose. And a chimpanzee’s lurching forward mouth.
The gym was a big ass dome. About fifteen Neolgra’s tall and twelve Neolgra’s wide. And thirteen Neolgra’s across. It expanded for too long.
“Okay, today we will be doing a fitness test. We all have base lines for your species. Let's get this done.” His voice was hoarse.
Yeah I kicked those tests asses. Not just the ridiculously low averages for us, but kicked those aliens asses too. Pushups, killed em. Pullups, first degree murder. Squats, destroyed. Mile run, four minutes of awesomeness baby!
“Okay high-speed it’s time for some sparring. You human, I think it will let off some steam if you fought Gia.” Bigfoot said smiling.
Well at least I’ll be wearing gloves.
[First] [Previously] [Next]
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2021.10.17 00:13 seajaill well, you see, i made a promise that if i could get at least his c2 and polar star i would tattoo his cons... do you guys have any idea where should i do it? lol

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2021.10.17 00:13 Elminday Message queues — what are they?

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2021.10.17 00:13 dan10264 problems with modern warfare on ps4, can anyone help?

My friend has just got modern warfare on disk on PS4. He's installed the campaign pack for the game and every time he tries to click on campaign, it just takes him to the packs menu in game. We've tried reinstalling the packs and we've checked that they're definitely installed in the add ons page in the store and in storage and it says they're definitely installed. He had the same problem with multiplayer pack 2 earlier where it just took him to the packs menu and just uninstalled it. We've watched countless videos and checked all over the internet and can't find a fix, does anyone know how to solve this issue?
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2021.10.17 00:13 Miker2110 ELI5 The Matrix (not the movie)

Please explain it to me why the matrix is supposedly just ones and zeroes. Why would no other number be in the matrix if Math is universally recognized as the one language to communicate with other beings?
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2021.10.17 00:13 Otherwise_Republic16 Does any know what type of snake this is?

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2021.10.17 00:13 Fabulous-County1596 Daddy here looking for a sugar baby to talk with. Lonely most days. Willing to pay you for initial benefits.

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2021.10.17 00:13 Bloodman123726 (M/A4A) Undertale and Deltarune Roleplay

Hey everyone. I'm looking for anyone who would be interested in doing an Undertale/Deltarune role-play and is 18+ in terms of age. This is because I have a preference to only role-play with fellow adults along with those who wish to have a long-term, plot driven role-play. Be it my idea, yours or one that we can try make up together! Either way, here is a bit more about myself.
I'm from the United Kingdom and I role-play at a minimum of a paragraph but can fluctuate depending on what's going on in the role-play scene-wise. Personally I prefer detail over length, role-play in third person and as multiple characters as they are needed. Especially for world-building and character development. I'm good to also do romance so long as it's something that naturally happens throughout. Basically slow burner ones. Finally, I also enjoy chatter if you are into that to.
As for my idea that we could possibly do, it's too long to fully post. Though the general premise is simple but I believe I did a good job in making it unique. It's based on what if Chara didn't die. Causing a change of events for Frisk when they fall down before eventually confronting Chara in this different tale. They'd find themselves, after being pushed into the CORE, in Deltarune! Be it Chapter 1 or 2. There's much more explanation of such that I'm happy to share in the DMs.
If you are interested from the above, feel free to contact me in the DM's and we can work something out! Thanks for reading
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2021.10.17 00:13 ecstaticsisyphus IIL Batman the Long Halloween what other comics will I like?

Specifically I’m looking for comics that fit the OctobeHalloween atmosphere well. I’ve already read lots of Batman but am totally open to more comics with him. Other favorites are Daredevil, X-Men, The Sandman, Doom Patrol, and anything Alan Moore (though I still have tons of Moore comics I haven’t read). Comics with autumnal stuff going on in them, especially with some slightly creepy aspects would be perfect. Thanks!
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2021.10.17 00:13 wondering-narwhal Anyone else feel like Epic missed an opportunity here?

They definitely should have called the new Fishstick skin “Swedish Fishstick” right? I can’t be the only person who immediately thought that. Sure “Gummy Fishstick” is okay and Swedish Fish is probably a trademark problem but really if you’re gonna do it, go all-out.
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