When your happy you enjoy the music, when your sad, you understand the lyrics

2021.10.16 23:36 tiringwolf007 When your happy you enjoy the music, when your sad, you understand the lyrics

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2021.10.16 23:36 HellfireExotics Love this girls pattern 💕 (fat tailed gecko)

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2021.10.16 23:36 purple_games Are you happy?

I’d say I am for the most part. I just hate my job lol
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2021.10.16 23:36 lacoste_01 Recent pic / update - John Frantz

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2021.10.16 23:36 doublchocochipcooki [Homemade] Dark Chocolate Brownies

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2021.10.16 23:36 lwxnfc Most gossipers do not realize how toxic they seem to non-gossipers.

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2021.10.16 23:36 mdb1023 Percy Jackson themed Survivor- Now Casting through November 1st

After reworking the concept for our next season, Finnvivor is looking for new players to enter the world of Percy Jackson!
Join us in Camp Half Blood as 18 players battle it out to become the Sole Survivor! This season features:
⚡Percy Jackson themed challenges
⚡Visits to one of the Oracles, who will deliver cryptic Prophecies of events to come
⚡24 hour phases, allowing for players in all timezones
⚡a dedicated hosting team
⚡spectator drafts, edgic, and winner picks
⚡1 month discord nitro prize for the winner
There's still plenty of time, don't miss out on this epic season! Whether you've played a ton of ORGS or if this is your first, Finnvivor promises a great experience for all who join!
To apply, join the discord server and fill out the Google Form below! The season begins on November 1st! Hope to see you there!!
https://forms.gle/3nuUjbSD8Pebh2jG6 https://discord.gg/bUWh5Yh
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2021.10.16 23:36 milonuttigrain My budgeting skills has become much better since I started investing in crypto. Simply cutting unnecessary stuff makes a huge impact.

I started investing in crypto in 2018, bought BTC at $7,000 and ETH at $600. But back then I didn’t have a lot of knowledge and just kind of set and forget. I was only getting back into the crypto verse in early 2021, where I open my wallet and saw things have gone up a lot.
I use an app (Money Manager Ex) to keep track of my personal spending and investment. Comparing this year to last year, I have cut off a significant amount of unnecessary purchases and put a lot more into investment. For example, no new clothes, far fewer takeaways or dining out. I make my own coffee. Far less alcohol, sweet and junk food.
I also set up a regular DCA plan for major coins. I think it is great because it helps me stay within the budget and also be healthier. And it is a huge step towards financial freedom.
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2021.10.16 23:36 ThatWolfBoi000 What is the difference molotovs and incendiary grenades?

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2021.10.16 23:36 WhiteComet99 What have you learned from your time on Reddit?

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2021.10.16 23:36 Main-Fishing5640 Look what i got at the library at my school

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2021.10.16 23:36 GrassyKnoll1978 where to keep my saitama inus besides coinbase wallet?

Sup fellas, so i bought 300.00 worth of saitama inu on coinbase wallet through coingecko. in coinbase wallet my money stays the same and the amount of crypto i have goes up and down... seriously, WTF is that dumb shit??? i bought $300 worth and then 3 hours lter its the exact same value just less Saitamas.
im obviously new and have very little idea wtf im doing when it comes to wallets and that kind of thing. I hope someone can help figure this shit out before i throw my computer out my fucking window.
where should i transfer my saitama inus so my investment grows and my computer stays inside?
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2021.10.16 23:36 Post-YouTube Published on YouTube: WOW! Dems Brace For MASSIVE DEFEAT In Virginia As Republican Upset Seems MORE LIKELY!

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2021.10.16 23:36 CerealNeko Norivern V deck with 61 cards?

Mine had an extra physic energy after doing a count. Has anyone had this issue before?
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2021.10.16 23:36 PoliticiansAlwaysLie Dozens of lawsuits seek to force hospitals to treat COVID-19 with ivermectin

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2021.10.16 23:36 politicaloperator Can you kind folks review my profile? Thank you!

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2021.10.16 23:36 afrodank Drake the type of guy to say 'No, I insist' after you thank him.

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2021.10.16 23:36 Fabulous_Mode5602 the time I almost cancel the Christmas disco for a math test in year 2

Ok so back in year two it was near Christmas and in my school we did like mock sats in a way ?? Anyways , the Christian disco was coming up and I hated it. Little 5 year old me hated people and the disco . So on the day of the disco the class was obviously excited and kept talking and the teacher said that if we didn't be quite she would stop the disco obviously not meaning it but i was stupid raised my hand and said " instead of the disco can we do a math test " i got taken out the room and practically integrated by the Teacher on why i didn't want to go to the disco. I just said it was stupid and I hated it. I was put back into class and the class was being loud again and the teacher kept threatening to cancel the Christmas disco for a math test . We ended up having the disco and I stayed in the corner of the room pissed and upset because i wasn't having fun while everyone else was. I was a stupid kid 😂😂😂
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2021.10.16 23:36 defreebiebuddy 12 Pcs Metal Fusion Bay Blade Battle Set $53.88, FREE FOR AMAZON USA PRODUCT TESTERS, DM Me If You Are Interested USA

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2021.10.16 23:36 Ferretpi315 What’s a good rate for the stowers

I just do stowing not on op. Was at 124 items on my first day actually working 3 day of work. Guy behind me was 24 items an hour.
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2021.10.16 23:36 c8mize Certification and Career advice

Hello all,
Back ground: I have a 2 year programing degree and the comptia A+ certification along with 2 years at a helpdesk role.
I am currently studying for my Azure 900 then I will be getting the Net+ while I am also learning powershell. I hope to accomplish both of these by the end of January 2022.
After studying for the Azure 900 for a week I am interested into going into a cloud role (cloud engineering) or I might just stick to network engineer.
After accomplishing my goals in January what jobs should I be looking for or should I get a couple more certifications.
Future certifications are Sec+, more Azure certs, CCNA (for my resume) and a Linux cert.
Edit: I will more than likely also pick up an AWS cert.
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2021.10.16 23:36 somewhereinda6 36[m4f] Canada Toronto - Looking for someone that likes to fuck and have drama free fun

Seeking a good time. I smoke weed, like to drink a cold brew and shoot the shit. I'm looking for a chill woman that's down to have some lowkey fun.
If you like making out, sucking dick, getting that pussy licked, fingered, teased and being fucked in a bunch of different positions let's chat and set something up. I like to start of nice and easy, fuck hard and love to fill a tight kitty with my cum or have my load swallowed.
I'm clean, std free, mixed, darkskin, 5'10 with a nice body / fairly lean ( not no six pack abs but I'm not no human couch potatoe or stickman either). I lead an active lifestyle and wound prefer someone who takes care herself and takes pride in her appearance as I do.
Message if you're down for some fun. Onetime thing or ongoing if we want to keep things going. Don't care about race or how old you are as long as you're 19+. Pic 4 pic
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2021.10.16 23:36 Junior-Lion7893 My Mother: The Hero of the Day

Today, my mother (61) saved a little girl high schooler from being assaulted in public. We were grocery shopping at our local grocery store and my mother noticed a man in his 50’s pulling a female cashier in for a “hug”. My mother literally stood in front of the guy and stared him down with this look of disgusted judgement. It was the most craziest standoff ever since I was worried that he would hurt her. The guy was over 6 feet and my mother was barely five feet tall. The guy told my mother that he was only getting change and tried to look for other people for support. Four other female cashiers came along with a male butcher because he was causing too much noise. My mother didn’t respond to his excuses, and he left in a fit of rage. He even told her to “F-off” and “mind her own business”.
As we got home, my mother told me that she saw the whole thing. He was paying for his groceries, and as she was giving him his change, he grabbed her hand, pulled her in, and tried to kiss her. The whole thing was so aggressive that it looked like he was trying to take a bite out of her. Luckily, she pulled back before he could get a kiss, and that’s when my mother intervened.
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2021.10.16 23:36 genesis-92 First build completed!

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2021.10.16 23:36 AkameGaBlickkk If you & ya mans doing a drill and you accidentally hit him killing him would you stay & call for help or leave him

View Poll
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