2021.10.16 23:49 rdc2007 Jordan

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2021.10.16 23:49 GrandLordMorskittar The Emperor's Wrath (in his new drip) speaks to Regus about the situation on Ilum

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2021.10.16 23:49 mylinux2 How to Add LinuxCNC Repository for Debian Based Systems

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2021.10.16 23:49 cervix-shredder Why all the French hate

Hate on Quebec instead
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2021.10.16 23:49 Ava_nixxy Reasonably New OF creator!

Hi! I would just like to introduce myself... I'm Ava Nix, i've been an OF creator for just over a month and i think i might need a bit of help if it's possible... Would someone be willing to check out my free page and see if there's anything that i need to either improve on or make adjustments too? I would be very appreciative!
Thank you for any help possible! 😊
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2021.10.16 23:49 208BeachGlass PT's Decline

aka BeachGlass. I talked with my daughter about the "PT website blues." She works for a large university in the IT department and IT security. According to her, the "not secure" note we've been getting in our URL for over a year indicates PT no longer has their security certificate, meaning their site is no longer safe (open to hacking and all sorts of "beasties"), especially when dealing with private information. She stated that "not secure" is a huge red flag as it means one of the basic protocols of operating a website is not being met. (Like "no one is keeping the home fires burning.")
The next item she addressed was if the site acted "wonky," i.e. pages won't open, etc., and I gave an enthusiastic YES. Her guess is that the website is no longer being manned or supervised. Because no one is maintaining it, use will continue to degrade until it no longer works.
From everything she said, I feel that PT will become toast. Disappointing that there was no notice to either prepare or to get another entity to take it over (not that I would know the first thing about doing that!)
Anyway, that's my take on it. I would welcome any other techie to chime in and provide some insight.
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2021.10.16 23:49 Jaaayy9 Tama mail! So excited to finally get these.

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2021.10.16 23:49 Cardmaster1234 What does <{file variable}> mean?

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2021.10.16 23:49 Dangerous-Glass-160 36[M] Illinois - Asian looking for more

I am interested in looking to get to know someone and see what happens. I am single, asian, age 36 and also nerdy. I enjoy sports as well and like to explore new things. I am also a gamer as well. I would love to see if we can start out as friends and hope to end up potentially being a long term relationship if it works out. Hope to hear from you soon. Please direct message if you are interested.
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2021.10.16 23:49 CryptoVines 🌱Plant Token🌱 Crypto Fiverr Platform Just Launched 🏪 Liquidity Locked 1yr 🔒 🎲 Weekly Lottery for Holders 🎲✅ Get Hired, Do work, Get paid in crypto☀️

👇Trade tokens👇
🥞Pancake swap🥞

At Plant Token we have aimed to make a defi token with automated rewards and a use case for longterm holders. We want to help restore the environment and the confidence in the crypto space. We will start by building a strong community and prove that we are here to stay.
We are a token with a real use case in the future. We are currently building a freelance marketplace platform for the crypto community. Creating a space where both buyers and sellers can come to an agreement for their goods, service, NFT, or anything else.
We are currently pushing ahead with our marketing, and have influencers posting about us frequently. Our roadmap on our website shows you our progress in development. We are also currently writing our whitepaper, and soon will have a more updated website design.
Our community is built upon the basis of the token being completely transparent allowing investors to not worry. We have doxxed devs who are active on the telegram to help with any issues or questions you have. The Plant Token army continues to grow and getting stronger. The telegram is growing and active 24/7. The project is still very new and we currently have a low number of holders! Within a month we hope to have many more! We are growing fast and healthy, and hope to continue this into the future.

📝Token Information:
☀️Name : Plant Token
☀️Symbol : PLANT
☀️Blockchain : BSC
☀️Total Supply : 161,211,420 $PLANT

✅Contract Address : 0xdC243F2cF20106B53C7b5A6fd4756C1a920a59DC

🚨TOKENOMICS : 10% Tax On Transactions
🌱3% Donated To Charity
💪🏼2% Distributed To All Holders
🔒2% Liquidity Locked
🔥2% Burnt
☀️1% Surprise Sprouts Lottery

Lottery drawings every week!

☀️Crypto Freelance Marketplace:
🌏Token Info WebSite: https://www.PlantToken.Co
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2021.10.16 23:49 mall99 Zoodex error codes...

Anyone else not able to swap FTM on Zoodex?? Everytime time I get error code 32603 32000 message header not found...
Anyone else have this happen?
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2021.10.16 23:49 Substantial_Put6636 Cramp in foot/toes after 30min crawl

I recently started swimming again to stay in shape during my uni years. I visit the pool 3x a week and try to get between 1-1.5km (~1100 - 1650 yards) , at an intermediate pace.
After aprox 30 minutes of crawl I get extreme cramp in the front end of my right foot, which forces me to take a long break/stop the session.
I drink 3l of water a day and have a bottle with me to drink while swimming. I also try to eat a banana before I go to the pool.
Any recommedations to avoid cramping up so fast?
If you have the same problem, please don't hesitate to share your story in the comments.
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2021.10.16 23:49 SJVIII Here is my Captain Falcon Propaganda

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2021.10.16 23:49 reddit_feed_bot Thomas1774Paine: Semiconductors 101: Computer chips shortages lead to national security concerns

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2021.10.16 23:49 Paxan Abgründe einer Ausnahmekarriere: Inside Austria – in einer neuen Podcast-Serie rekonstruieren der SPIEGEL und der österreichische STANDARD Aufstieg und Fall von Sebastian Kurz. Hören Sie jetzt Folge eins: mit dem »Geilomobil« an die Macht.

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2021.10.16 23:49 JoemamaDLC W!

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2021.10.16 23:49 Big-Chungus12323 Weasel error code

Does anyone know what keeps giving me this code? My wifi is perfectly fine but around every hour or so I get booted by the weasel and it’s getting annoying as hell. Just recently I was making a 1-4 trails comeback and I got booted on the 4-4 game. What the fuck bungie I want my game back!
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2021.10.16 23:49 heroinscar BOO!

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2021.10.16 23:49 yeet_to_delete Can i call myself LJ? My first and middle name is Louie Johnson but i just prefer LJ. Also what is it call when i use my initials as my main "name"

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2021.10.16 23:49 FromHeretoElsweyr Why do I lose so much?

Let me start by saying that yes, I’m open to the obvious answer—that I simply suck. However, I can’t help but feel like that doesn’t add up.
I’m not a great player by any means, but I maintain about a 1.5 k/d ratio, I always play the objectives and support my team, and I usually end up in the top 5-10 spots on my team. I like to think I carry my weight, at least.
And yet for the past 6 months, I swear I lose 3-4 matches for every one I win. When I join a match late in the round, I’m almost always on the team that’s getting stomped, and no matter how much I push, or spot, or support my team, we end up losing a vast majority of the time.
The funny thing is, it wasn’t always like this. I maintained a pretty perfect 50/50 W/L ratio since launch, which makes sense given that it’s hard for one player to sway the course of a match. But now, a few months of play has tanked that number down to 40/60.
Does the fact that I play solo have anything to do with it? Am I missing something important? Do I really just suck that badly?
I know there’s no clear answer to this, but I had to vent and put this out into the universe, because losing this much despite my best effort feels like doodoo sauerkraut.
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2021.10.16 23:49 xRonak UNM Valkyrie Counterattack Team help.
I recently pulled a Valkyrie and I guess it paved the way for me building an UltraNightmare Clan Boss team.

I currently hit a 2-key NM with the following team on affinity.
1. Jareg
2. Rhazin
3. Vogoth
4. Geomancer
5. Vizier

This gives me all the debuffs necessary including Leech so I don’t have to use Lifesteal on anyone.

To put this team on UNM, I can’t figure out how to build a team exactly. I know all the speeds thanks to the DWJ calculator and guide but I’m confused about what champs to use.
· Valkyrie is gonna be the main one.
· Rhazin can’t be substituted as he brings both Defense Down and Weaken.
· I need Vogoth for the Leech.
· Vizier will be the key to extending debuffs.
· This brings me down to the last slot that is the DPS as well as attack down slot. Using Jareg will give me defense up and Attack down as well as Ally protect but I’ll not do as much damage.
Not using Jareg means I won’t have defense up and attack down before Valkyrie Shield and thus will have smaller shields and get hit harder. I can use Vizier’s attack down but then again it comes down to a increase defense cum DPS which I find difficult to choose.
I’ve attached below a picture of my champions and if anyone could help me with this I’d be grateful. My Champs

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2021.10.16 23:49 A_Plumber2020 San Jaun mountains CO.

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2021.10.16 23:49 AtlasMcMoony Made some sort of tungsten golem look. Anyone have a better name?

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2021.10.16 23:49 scherekobold Overwhelmed with PPD and sleeplessnrss

Hi there. Ever since I got pregnant I joined this sub but mainly for lurking. It's been great. But now I can no longer wait.
I gave birth to a beautiful boy 3 days ago.
I am now in my fourth night not being able to sleep. I am scared and getting more and more depressed. Today I wanted to try to take some medication for sleeping. It did not help! I am still awake, but now I cannot not breastfeed the little one, and he does not like it.
I don't know what to do. Can't bear the thought of another night without sleep. I was so happy before... I
I hate this situation. What am I supposed to do no?
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2021.10.16 23:49 droppokeguy describe this picture

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