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2021.10.16 23:43 kobayashi-rindou LF legit sky form Shaymin FT dada zarude

Open to other things I don’t know what I have that’s valuable. Ask and I shall see. Need flying hedgehog as my last living dex form.
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2021.10.16 23:43 PMS_Avenger_0909 Get nurses to quit with this one easy step!

Nurse: reports egregious patient care issues through through official channels
Hospital safety review: crickets Private email to department chair: crickets Follow up email: crickets
Nurse: present during similar situation
Upper administration, lead by department chair who ignored previous report: BURN THE WITCH
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2021.10.16 23:43 SnapTrapCat High effort meme (took me 32 years)

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2021.10.16 23:43 Starterlogg20 No texting after sex

So I (30f) met this guy (27) on hinge, and we kinda clicked right away. We had very interesting and funny convos. He always texted me, but not too much. He’d text me “good mornings” and then later “how’s your day going”, we’d stay up till 2 on weekends texting sometimes. We went on a date, it went great. We had some food, then he invited me to his apartment for some wine with a promise that nothing is gonna happen. We watched a movie then we made out, a lot, but that was it. He wanted me to stay, suggested that I stay in the guest room, but I went home. The following day was good, we texted and expressed how much we enjoyed each other, we even planned to go to a concert as a date. Two days after, I was with my friends and drunk, stupid I know. We were texting during that time and he was all like “too bad you’re not in here, wish you were next to me”. I was too drunk to drive, so he said I shouldn’t drive. I had my friends drop me at his place since it was the closest to us. I went to the gust room, but then later we ended up having sex. As much as I remember, the sex wasn’t bad. The following two days he was texting just fine, then boom, it started to take him 7 hours to reply. I couldn’t just let it go so I texted him “feels like you’re not into this anymore, and that fine. But I’d appreciate it if you just say so” he then replied with “no not at all, but work been super busy and I just need time to decompress, sorry I should’ve communicated that to you” then he asked about my day and work and whatever. It’s been a day since he texted and idk if I should just let go of the idea of things working out. Yes I like him a lot :(
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2021.10.16 23:43 JackwithaMac Persona 5 weeb starting smt 3 nocturne. What should I know?

All of it is pretty much in the title. I love jrpgs and the demon system that megaten games employ. What should I know for my playthrough of nocturne?
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2021.10.16 23:43 SnoozeDoggyDog DC Developing Milestone Animated Movie, New Season 2 Comics - DC FanDome 2021

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2021.10.16 23:43 maddsjanep Requesting Tips for Research Essays (ENGC course)

I'm starting the process for my third paper of the semester (College Writing course). This paper will be our research paper and we'll need 4 scholarly sources and 1 "other" source.
I don't have any practice in academic research and my topic is legalization of marijuana.
To be clear, I'm not asking for you to find sources for me, but rather what helped you when doing this type of research and preparation for this kind of paper.
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2021.10.16 23:43 OhShtAGhoul copy paste of something i wrote im slightly drunk so might delete soon

Im having a miserable day i hate myself, the decisions i make everything i’ve done so far why am i doing so many mistakes what is wrong with me i want to cry i feel extreme anger inside of me i want to punch the things in front of me so bad while crying my eyes out why i don’t know i just feel like trash i lied i know why because i hate myself and what i’m doin am i so bad of a person does my personality suck so bad why do i feel like nobody likes me and every time i talk to somebody it feels so awkward i am so bad with social interactions what do people talk about what do they think about what is trending right now what os happening right now i want to know but i can’t i feel stupid i feel bad why am i doing this for no reason can’t i just stop thinking for the next couple of hours i feel like I’m about to have a fucking meltdown while at work i want to cry so bad but i can’t i won’t why because i don’t want to be a bother i could excuse myself and ask to go home early but i won’t why because I’m scared of asking I'm scared so scared why can’t i just go right up to them and just fucking say I’m feeling bad can i go home but no i just be like that not say a word trying to stay low not say a word pretending to be fine sitting here writing this shit because i can’t take it anymore right now I'm about to burst start crying help please help but who i feel so alone I’ve been thinking again i don’t feel like having anything in my life do i have ambitions do i have anything i want to do do i even have friends why what how no please why can’t i be good at anything i suck at talking socializing concentrating gaming art programming instruments and everything else i tried i know i have to put in effort to get good at these things but i can’t bring myself to so it do i even wanna do these things at this point even tho i can’t put some effort into it i feel like my life is breaking apart because I’m lazy scared stupid retarded fuck me why am i like this can’t i just be somebody else have more motivation better looks more confidence i don’t know what to so anymore i have stuff to do important stuff but i can’t bring myself to do it I'm about to cry again thinking about what problems i would have if I’m not doing these things soon but i can’t being myself to grow some balls and just do it what the fuck is wrong with me can’t i just kill myself and reincarnate into a better life i won’t do that tho I'm scared of it I’m not doing it i want to life enjoy myself but i cant help please nobody is there what am i supposed to do i don’t have a single clue i might as well just drop dead and do nothing what purpose has my life at this point I’m nothing I’m useless I’m shaking writing this i can’t think properly right now all this is going through my head every time every fucking time i want to shoot myself to get rid of these thoughts what am i doing at this point nobody cares i don’t care no wait i do but I’m pretending i don’t even though its tearing me apart all the time I’m fine don’t worry how are you I’m fine i guess am i though of course not stop asking me that stupid ass question how is anybody supposed to be fine this is bullshit i hate this fuck this oh my fucking god what is this leave me alone i want silence i want to be alone no i don’t never mind right now i do bit else i don’t want to be lonely i hate it I’m sad why do i feel like this i want help somebody please … Oh my god i just had a normal call with a coworker i hate myself trying to sound nice leave me alone i don’t want to work anymore this is so fucking tiring i feel exhausted all the time why am i still here why am i getting so money for this shit load I’m doing fuck this system I'm working twice as hard as most of these shit ass normal employees fuck apprenticeship fuck it why is that even a thing why for three while fucking years no its not that bad its just that I’m retarded stupid i could have been done last year but no i fucked myself with my stupid life decisions why am i letting myself get influenced by what other people say so easily i hate decision making i can’t do it is that why no its because I'm a fucking pussy i can’t do this no more i want money i want to get out of this house this job i want to go away by myself have fun have my peace nobody who can tell me anything do the stuff i want
I’m doing it again I’m thinking stop it shut the fuck up keep quiet oh no again i hate myself so bad I'm ugly I'm stupid I’m everything i don’t want to be why can’t i have ambitions like all the other people around me why me why please tell me why tears almost started to fall down my face again but I'm restraining myself I’m in public I’m at work i can’t let other people see me like that especially people i see almost every god damn day I realized how stupid this is this is slavery work is slavery why do we spend more time awake at work than home i need more free time im slow i can’t do anything with my limited amount its so low what even is this i wake up 6 have to go 7 arrive 7:30 work till 16:30 come home 17 and how much do I loose 9 hours 9 why so much and that every day Monday to Friday what about free-time well in general if i think about it from 17 till if i want 8 hours sleep which i don't want i would need to sleep at 22 thats 5 hours 5 hours only 5 hours the rest is sleeping oh yeah week end fuck yourself 9 hours times 5 is 45 hours free time on these days would be 5 times 5 so 25hours plus if i think correctly 24hours on both weekend days so generally speaking 49hours how the fuck is work almost half important in our life that having fun and enjoying ourselves this is ridiculous work isn’t everything and i just realized how fucking desperate i am of just wanting to do nothing and nothing at all even tho there is so many things i want to do kill me please please now just let a fucking meteor hit me directly so it will be quick and painless oh please why do i feel guilty all of a sudden oh my god stop calling … Had another call another coworker omg please leave me alone it was ok this time to i could be of help i helped yay now i pissed again fuck all of this oh my god no ok I’m done this is it I’m about to have lunch what do i eat nothing because i don’t want to I'm going to punish myself now for being such an useless being i don’t deserve to eat I’m already eating to much in general in my opinion why am i so fat not fat kinda its not that bad but i still hate myself because of it i should start working out i make the attempt but fail right afterwards I’m thinking about should i share my mental state with friends strangers i don’t know what they are i consider them friends but do they feel the same i don’t know and that pains me my heart can barely take this anymore i almost shed another tear because I'm so pathetic why am i thinking like that i should stop but i can’t when I’m thinking about stuff like this i can’t stop its like a waterfall just pressuring my brain with these thoughts I’m about to have lunch but I’m guessing I’m going to waste that time writing this i should be working right now but i ain't 2 min lunch please i can do nothing please now 1 min what the hell gimme the break that i didn’t deserve because i didn’t do shit i this last 30min except these 2 calls that i hated oh my god … Oh my god the pain of walking past them while knowing i didn’t do anything productive in the last 30 min omg don’t look at me oh my god I’m gonna smash you head in if you look at me again i hate it don’t look why are you looking just because i passed you do i do the same NO so you don’t do it as well ok fuck you i know it won’t stop Cringe this feels so cringe help me I'm disgusted by these thoughts of mine actually I’m disgusted by myself ha ha haaa I’m trying to be happy but i know that won’t work i would even say that I'm quiet good at pretending that I'm alright even tho i ain't in the slightest i think my thoughts are coming to and end i hope so i feel hm how do i feel i don’t feel refreshed am i feeling better than before no i don’t think so … i want to listen to music i really do it helps me calm myself i want to hear it when ever i can but this shit is chef of mine is bot allowing it fuck you i never liked you anyway you suck you old fuck its always awkward when you are trying to talk to me or the other way around we have nothing in common nothing to talk about ok just leave me alone doing my job going home and coming back the next day just don’t bother talking to me it’s annoying i hate it just give me my workload and leave me alone let me hear music by myself head phones old man do you know them of course you do your stupid reason is probably because of communication bu i ain’t doing that anyway so where is the point just leave me be i can and want to work alone by myself i would have more motivation doing it like that but no of course i can’t fuck you … I thought i was done yet but I’m not what is wrong with me where did i go wrong hm what is you problem Jan huh just tell me WHERE what do you want i don’t know why are you asking oh just because i can and i won’t stop questioning you until i get a proper answer ok i guess you are right hm so i went wrong everywhere where it was possible i would say i hate it I’m getting distracted i forgot everything i hate my life shit father shit stepfathers shit mother shit brothers shit sisters oh my god what is wrong with all of you you are killing me father or more like stranger what is wrong with you what where you thinking go fuck yourself you are part of my problem you are maybe even the cause even tho i barely know you yes because of you fucker i didn’t have a father figure which i probably needed our family needed maybe then mother wouldn’t have become as retarded as she is now omg maybe my brothers wouldn’t be such a nuisance and my little 2 siblings wouldn’t have been born i hate them i hate children i hate them so much every god damn time i hear them or children in general i get this rage i hate them so much oh my god every time i hear them i just want ti smash their heads against the wall till the aren’t conscious anymore please leave me alone i hate all of you i hate everything oh my god please I’m about to start crying again i can’t take this anymore I'm tired i want to go home I'm still wasting my lunch break its been 20 min now oh my god what the fuck is actually wrong with me … am i going crazy am i becoming insane probably wouldn’t be a surprise to be honest i often feel like I'm retarded anyway isn’t that what people want to see nowadays should i share my meltdowns is that what they want so they can laugh about me hu is that it sure why not might as well give my life up and become a fucking meme streaming youtube i want to do them i want to entertain people but I’m bit creative enough mu ideas are stupid I'm boring nit entertaining and i don’t even think people like me at all that ain't gonna happen fucking hell why can’t i just have a personality change or at lest a moral boost to get some motivation in my life … I want to be … streamer youtuber programmer game developer artist musician pro gamer thats what i want but i don’t have what it takes to be any of those i don’t have the knowledge talent or will to do any of those i’m to stupid lazy for all of those WHY don’t i have a talent something I'm good at i can never be good at anything why why why why why please somebody tell is there anything I’m good at if i would get one free wish i would wish to know what my talent is or what I'm good at i really don’t i mean I’m kinda good at talking complete bullshit that’s what i can do yeah fuck yeah fuck me i hate myself … Great lunch is over 30 min wasted for what complete bullshit fuck this fuck all of this I'm going to burn myself alive no i won’t i can’t to much pain i can’t handle pain my headache and the pain in my heart is already enough i can’t handle physical pain as well now that would probably make me lose it immediately anyways i think I should go back to working again i think i will sneakily listen to music while working fuck him i will do it i need to calm down omg they started talking about complete bull shit omg omg omg shut up please i need silence please omg they wont stop fuck off nobody cares i don’t care be quiet no please i don’t want to hear you both talking ah omg help no please shut up no stop ok I'm going to listen to music now yes thats what i will do that will stop these thoughts running trough my head. Please help me
22:56 - Writing this I’ve come to the decision that i will be writing some kind of diary first of all in English because i want to practice my written English skills and second of all maybe some people will read this one day i don’t know would be weird tho. I don’t know how this works so i guess i will reflect my day after all that happen up there.
After I’ve had my Meltdown i sneakily listened to Music while i was working which has kinda calmed me down for the rest of the day even though my day was kinda ruined anyway, not because of what ever happen then it just felt like it since i woke up. So after hearing Music for sometime, which has stopped me from thinking about stuff, i recharged my headphones and continued with my work normally for some time. After i think it was about 1 or 2 hours i kinda gave up and stared browsing on reddit and posting a lot of quiet inappropriate memes in the Discord server i don’t why i had the urge to do that but i did it maybe to share my interest, to get some nice reactions i don’t know i just did it. Well anyway after browsing reddit for about 30 min i decided to start working properly again. The day went by slowly as it was getting closer to the end of the working day i went back on reddit for the last 30 min because i was bored and the last in the Workshop anyway. After i was done i closed the Workshop and went home. The way to the train station was not fun at all. Even tho i was listening to Music i started to have these thoughts again because i felt like being stared at while walking down the street i was thinking something like: What is wrong, Why are you looking at me, stop it, what did i do wrong, leave me alone, and so on It was weird because i know nobody is looking at me. But it felt like it and that made me real uncomfortable. What makes this worse everyday is that the Train station is in the middle of the city. Which means a lot of people will be there i dislike that a lot.
I will continue writing this tomorrow because it’s already quiet late and I'm tired Good Night
After i arrived home i checked the kitchen and found nothing prepared to eat so i grab me some 5 min food and ate it. After i was finished i helped my brother with the Carport where we had to rip off the old roof because its become old and already fell apart at some places. It was quiet tiring and disgusting standing about 4m above ground with bugs crawling around but i somehow didn’t worry about that and just kept working by unscrewing the wooden planks. After we finished i was kinda in a bad mood, i mean i was in a bad mood the whole day so why am i complaining at this point. Anyways at that point i felt like doing nothing i turned my pc on and just sat there no clue of what I'm supposed to do now. I guess i just started watching some random Youtube videos like i always do at this point i don’t even remember what exactly i was watching. Well at that point time flew by and at around 23 i think i was tired enough to just go to sleep. End of day
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2021.10.16 23:43 Mean-Mango-7125 Ever heard the joke about the funeral?

I doubt it cause it always gets buried.
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2021.10.16 23:43 Icecreamdude__ I am remastering Everywhere at the end of Meme, a project that is Everywhere at the end of Time but sampled with Meme songs. I have already made Stage 0 and 1.

Stage 0:
Stage 1:
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2021.10.16 23:43 diamond-shovel you know I had to do it

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2021.10.16 23:43 Scared_City5943 Twitter?

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2021.10.16 23:43 BuildingUpChicago Not *of* a skyscraper, but *from* skyscraper. 110 North Wacker is open this weekend for #PHC2021, and it’s fantastic.

Not *of* a skyscraper, but *from* skyscraper. 110 North Wacker is open this weekend for #PHC2021, and it’s fantastic. submitted by BuildingUpChicago to skyscrapers [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 23:43 joozian_ One of society’s greatest failures is that in 2021 we haven’t figured out an improvement on the port a potty.

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2021.10.16 23:43 cephaszach [Hire ME] Need help with your paper (s) ? Please feel free to reach out via the following platforms: Discord: cephaszach#3657 OR Email: I'll be at your beck and call.

Up-front payment will only be paid after delivery of a good draft (reasonable length & top-tier quality). I guarantee the following:
- Quality papers ( well-researched, plagiarism-free, and void of grammatical errors)
-Timely delivery
-Free adjustments/ revisions
-Absolute discretion
P.S: Vouches and Samples will be presented upon request.
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2021.10.16 23:43 AnnualPanda Beginner Question: Error Thrown at Runtime

I'm new to Java (I know JavaScript & Ruby)
I thought that strongly typed languages throw errors at compile time instead of runtime?
But when I run javac on this .java file it compiles. The error is thrown using the java command on the .class file.

// class Function { static void myMethod() { System.out.println("Function run"); } public static void main(Int[] args) { myMethod(); } } 
I put Int[] args intead of String[] args intentionally to test how Java shows errors
The error is
Error: Main method not found in class Function, please define the main method as: public static void main(String[] args)
I was expecting this, just during compilation. Is this normal behavior?
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2021.10.16 23:43 MrDismal Golem (GNT) coin missing exchanges

Well hello there.
Ive recently started using Delta after FTX app completely removed all portfolios from users, and I'm liking it!
I've come across an interesting one though, I've been trying to add a transaction for my Golem (GNT) coin and it only allows me to select 2 exchanges which are none of which I need (I use BTCMarkets). Any ideas or is this as expected for some reason?
The two exchanges are COSS and HOTBIT
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2021.10.16 23:43 Blaine524 So rich yet so poor

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2021.10.16 23:43 motorcycleboy8000 How would I go about fixing this, any tutorial videos?

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2021.10.16 23:43 Oddity83 Question about unlocking legendary Mercs

At first I was thinking it would suck crafting a legendary Merc with 500 coins because then I wouldn’t have any coins to upgrade their skills.
But if my understanding is right once I have the Merc I can take them to bounties and I would get their coins more often as rewards right?
And with them in the party I could take their tasks as well?
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2021.10.16 23:43 umbrapalemooner Made in 3 minute

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2021.10.16 23:43 FromHeretoElsweyr Why does my team lose so much?

Let me start by saying that yes, I’m open to the obvious answer—that I simply suck. However, I can’t help but feel like that doesn’t add up.
I’m not a great player by any means, but I maintain a 1.5 - 2 k/d ratio, always play the objectives and support my team, and usually end up in the top 5-10 spots on my team.
And yet for the past 6 months, I swear I lose 3-4 matches for every one I win. When I join a match late in the round, I’m almost always on the team that’s getting stomped, and no matter how much I push, or spot, or support my team, we end up losing a vast majority of the time.
The funny thing is, it wasn’t always like this. I maintained a pretty perfect 50/50 W/L ratio since launch, which makes sense given that it’s hard for one player to sway the course of a match. But now, a few months of play has tanked that number down to 40/60.
Does the fact that I play solo have anything to do with it? Am I missing something important? Do I really just suck that badly?
I know there’s no clear answer to this, but I had to vent and put this out into the universe, because losing this much feels like doodoo sauerkraut.
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2021.10.16 23:43 mchinsomboon Becareful with Meta Mask and Signing of transactions on OpenSeas and other sites

This is a very informative tear down of what could happen
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2021.10.16 23:43 BackardsTankard My neighbors say they live beside a rangy cycle path but I don’t see it. Where do I find one of those?

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