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I already have one but am looking to buy one for a friend of mine! Thought I’d ask around here. Thanks!
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2021.10.16 22:12 burkay55 The gammarosigma farming contract have been successfully audited by chainsulting

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2021.10.16 22:12 OffTheGridGaming He's right, you know. 👈

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2021.10.16 22:12 Sootlr I need 7 upvotes! I will upvote anyone who comments on this post

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2021.10.16 22:12 thanarealnobody My friend is surprising me on my birthday and I don’t like it

My birthday is in a month and I was trying to get a plan together.
My best friend was acting fishy and eventually she gave in and told me that her family are going to come stay at my house on my birthday to surprise me.
Now I do like my best friends family, mostly her mom, but I don’t know how to feel about this.
But it’s gonna be her three brothers (24, 18, 13) and her parents coming to my house to stay. They live about three hours away so it’s gonna take effort.
They all know about it and have planned for it.
I don’t want to be ungrateful because I’m happy they are coming but it’s kinda weird since I’m not super close with all of them.
Also it means I can’t invite some of my family to stay and visit because I don’t have enough room.
I’m kind of dreading it now because it makes me feel awkward.
Is there a way to resolve this?
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2021.10.16 22:12 17K3T4M1N3 Bri😱ish

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2021.10.16 22:12 DivanteScrollsReddit So glad this is still getting updated

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2021.10.16 22:12 TitusVI if it ain't not not ilegal then not not unhaving it isn't not even not a problem

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2021.10.16 22:12 5igorsk А я играю на гармошке, или загадка плачущего крокодила!

А я играю на гармошке, или загадка плачущего крокодила!
В экспозиции проходившей в начале года в Ярославле выставки живописных и графических работ Елизаветы Бём меня заинтересовал необычный экспонат - настенное панно, плод коллективного творчества нескольких петербуржских художников. Оно представляет собой полукруглую (веером) тканевую основу с многочисленными отдельными миниатюрами. Надпись гласит, что это панно создавалось в течение двух лет 1908-1909 гг в квартире, которую снимали сестры-художницы Александра Петровна и Варвара Петровна Шнейдеръ по адресу ул. Малая Мастерская, дом 3. Недалеко от них на улице Большая Мастерская проживала Елизавета Бём. Очень скоро между художницами установились приятельские отношения. Практически каждая отдельная миниатюра на панно подписана. Иногда это сухие инициалы, иногда - полные фамилии художников. среди которых Бём, Кавос, Шнейдеръ и т.д. Один загадочный фрагмент не дает мне покоя. На фоне легкого романтического крымского прибрежного пейзажа нарисован плачущий крокодил во фраке и с гармошкой! )
Крокодил принадлежит кисти не то Феди Т., не то Феди Б. В целом обе миниатюры создают весьма ностальгическую картину. Сейчас понимаю, что крокодил с гармошкой - это клише, татуировка на моей детской душе работы Эдуарда Успенского ))). Все же это не гармошка, а шляпа-цилиндр с синей лентой. Что представляет собой красный лоскуток на фалдах пиджака неясно до сих пор. Очевидно, что длинными зимними вечерами сестры жаловались в круге друзей-художников на тоску по теплому южному морю, а юморной Федя визуализировал эту ностальгию в виде крокодила, льющего свои крокодиловые слезы по ушедшей в небытие идиллии.
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2021.10.16 22:12 arcentic Giratina raid add 3767 9894 1736

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2021.10.16 22:12 babyfacedbill Mandy

I did MDMA a month ago and holy fucking shit was it amazing. I can not wait to do it again. DMT, Mushrooms, weed, caffeine and alcohol have nothing on Molly. I actually can't believe how euphoric it was. I feel like telling everyone. It was unbelievable. Unexplainable. I even had a low where I had a massive panic attack. Something I've never had before. I just kept walking about though and I calmed down and enjoyed it again. Even being certain I would die at one point in the night, the high was so immense that now even writing about it gives me an adrenaline rush. I can not explain! I'm sorry to give such a potentially dangerous drug such a glowing review but I need to speak my truth somewhere and this is where I'm doing it.
Just. Wow.
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2021.10.16 22:12 _Galakt1c MARSOC Raider

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2021.10.16 22:12 bubblegumlicker1 Add me 🥺🥺🥺 comment some of your favorite online games 😬

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2021.10.16 22:12 Immediate_Question99 💟 MINI BITCOIN CASH 💟 Stealth Launch 💟 Listed On PancakeSwap 💟 Liquidity locked 💟

💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟 💟


🚀 5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH 🚀


✅ Token MINI BITCOIN CASH is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. ✅


❇️ Pancake Swap :

❇️ Honeypot: Zero TX

❇️ Deeplock: Lock LP 180 Days

🎯 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary)

🎯 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...
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2021.10.16 22:12 Void1702 What plants are native to Paris?

I plan to in the near-ish futur to start a seed bombing campaign in my area, very close to Paris, and I'm looking for what type of seed I should use, because I know very little about plants
So if possible it would need (in order of priority):

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2021.10.16 22:12 Throw_Away42870 Why exactly are y’all afraid of moths/butterflies?

Just wondering, is it simply because you don’t like creepy crawlies or because of something else?
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2021.10.16 22:12 RafikiStrength Locke on innate ideas

In his arguments against innate ideas, Locke says that an innate idea must be one that is universally known. I've read that critics say his concept of innate ideas is wrong or confused, which is why his arguments against them don't hold up. What other definitions of innate ideas were there, during his time or ever? Who should I read into to learn more?
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2021.10.16 22:12 lookin-for-answers88 Prediabetes and hypoglycemia

Does anyone know why do i keep having hypoglycemia episodes every other day even if im eating a balanced diet? Im supposed to be prediabetic but still dont understand whats the relation between hypoglycemia and prediabetes?!!
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2021.10.16 22:12 MallusaiEEE How would a "block" mechanic work in brawlhalla?

I recently got into classic fighters too, and i wondered; what if there was blocking in brawlhalla? Alongside with dodging, what if we had to option to press a block button to take reduced damage and knockback? Would it work well? Would it fit? What would you guys think if such a system WAS added? And lastly HOW would it be made? Similar to ones in classic fighters and nickelodeon allstar brawl or maybe a shield system like in smash, or even a parry, what do you guys think would work the best?
I'd love to hear your ideas and talk about it on this topic.
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2021.10.16 22:12 gatorhtown Financial Management: Theory and Practice, 16th Edition, by Brigham and Ehrhardt

Financial Management: Theory and Practice, 16th Edition, by Brigham and Ehrhardt

Looking for PDF please.
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2021.10.16 22:12 unknownwhitey Lost wallet

Lost my wallet in Carlsbad last night. Friday October 15. Tamarak beach. Hopefully someone found it?
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2021.10.16 22:12 NotQualifiedYet What world are you apart of that you would like to invite people to explore?

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2021.10.16 22:12 EriccMendez A Bible Gun that belonged to Francesco Morosini, could be Fired Without Opening the Book.

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2021.10.16 22:12 nightpowernight "ELDEN RING AMBIENT MUSIC"

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2021.10.16 22:12 Warm-Butterscotch371 Potential Lost Dog

Last night around midnight we found a dog wandering around on Houghton Ave by Jims. Probably 30-40lbs, white husky/Pomeranian mix maybe. His tag says his name is Oliver, and the back said Delaney with a local phone number but when we tried to call it, it wasn’t in service. We asked someone at a house nearby if they’d seen him before or knew where he lived and they said he just kinda hangs around so we let him go back to sniffing bushes.
If I see him again should I take him to get checked for a microchip or something? I feel like its really irresponsible to let your dogs wander around if you can’t be contacted should something happen to them. He looked decently taken care of and was really sweet and I would hate for him to get hit or something and then his owners not know ya know?
I just cant stop worrying about the dog; I know I wouldn’t want my cat outside if I couldn’t be contacted about him too so I figured I’d ask for opinions. I’m also not sure if there are any laws pertaining to any of this etc but I may be overreacting
I also took a photo of him I can post I just couldn’t include it here too lol
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