POV - You've been Strolling and Commenting for the past 30 minutes+

2021.10.16 23:15 YetiShmetie POV - You've been Strolling and Commenting for the past 30 minutes+

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2021.10.16 23:15 TomisMeMyselfandI [ASAP] Mesoscale Frank–Kasper Crystal Structures from Dendron Assembly by Controlling Core Apex Interactions

Journal of the American Chemical SocietyDOI: 10.1021/jacs.1c07313
Taesuk Jun, Hyunjun Park, Seungbae Jeon, Seungyun Jo, Hyungju Ahn, Woo-Dong Jang, Byeongdu Lee, and Du Yeol Ryu
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2021.10.16 23:15 Grandmaster787 Have you ever thought about creating a tiktok channel for your business?

I am currently exploring tiktok as a lead and traffic generation source for products targeting Gen Zs.
I want to know if anyone is also interested in creating a tiktok channel for their business.
If so, what problems do you think you might run into after creating and trying to scale your tiktok channel?
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2021.10.16 23:15 oxide_mp3 what is this sub? is it pro-left, anti-left, both?!

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2021.10.16 23:15 justafunguything any one know if I can get a replacement clip for the volume knob for the Corsair K70

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2021.10.16 23:15 HekiHekiPteng Orange/Beige Fighter in Budullangr Galaxy, T3 Gek System

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2021.10.16 23:15 MemoriesbytheFoot Xmas Memaws Haletown

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2021.10.16 23:15 ivenjav Ist there anyone still making Videos like that?

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2021.10.16 23:15 TheGr3aTAydini Question: Who will be Batman in the game?

Bruce, Dick or Jason?
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2021.10.16 23:15 ToeyToeToe How do I get this one? SPOILER

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2021.10.16 23:15 Ambitious-Web-9210 News

Dancer covered in Is ink and very fit selling some nudes
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2021.10.16 23:15 TrynaWrite_ Of the following, who’s your favorite protagonist

View Poll
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2021.10.16 23:15 Katkat1234567 There are 200 members here in Keep It Crazy Snark subreddit but why are there only a few people comment on the posts?

To the members, what is the reason that you would not like to join in with the conversation? Why you don’t want to comment? 😜✌️
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2021.10.16 23:15 sonictech170 having an incredible amount of difficulty trying to start campaign games - am i missing something?

I've completed all four part of Act 1 twice yet Act 2 hasn't unlocked for me. Is it character specific?
Checking online, it says you need to be the HOST. Yet every time I attempt to Host a game no one joins despite me being on Normal or Hard difficulty.
The game just came out, is it already dead and no people are available to join? Or is there something I'm missing?
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2021.10.16 23:15 I_Guess_Im_The_Gay Native American Woman In Oklahoma Convicted Of Manslaughter Over Miscarriage

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2021.10.16 23:15 Clownsaroundus Da… Dunmbear? Yeauh oh this is my post! Where he is… sick? Yes he is sick and I must post for him. :))

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2021.10.16 23:15 SmokePhase [PC] [H] Small List of Items [W] Credits

Stream Drops - Rival Wheels - BS Victor, Unpainted JuggleTurtle Carbons - Striker, Sweeper, and uncerted Decopunk - Grey and SB Decopunk - Saffron and Unpainted Hephaestus - Grey Show-off and Guardian Cobalt Ninjas - Pink, and AviatoPlaymaker Default Petacio - Pink Acrobat, Saffron, and SB RLCS:Dominus - Pink and FG Dominus Stratum - Lime and Default RLCS X Dominus - Juggler, Tactician, and default Stratum - Dominus RL Esports - CRL Southern Dominus - Guardian, Juggler, Sweeper, and Default Yorebands - Default RLCS: Octane - Striker and no cert RLCSX Octane - Octane RLCS 21-22 - Goalkeeper Mudcat RL Esports - Mudcat RL Esports - Goalkeeper, Tactician, and No Cert Anispray - Striker Blast Ray - Playmaker and no cert Ballistic - FG Aviator Ballistic - Big Splash
Bodies - Chikara GXT Set (no TW) - Harbinger GXT BS, Cobalt, FG, Lime, Orange, Pink, Saffron, and SB - Jaeger 619
Wheels - Saffron Scorer, Cobalt Sniper, Black, Crimson, FG, Orange, Pink, SB, and TW Infinite 3-Lobe - SB, Purple, TW Inverted Automatons - Pink Goalkeeper, Cobalt, Crimson, Lime, and Purple Inverted Blade Waves - Purple Goalkeeper, Pink Guardian, BS Show-off, Crimson, FG Victor, and Saffron Inverted Camo's - Orange Aviator, BS Scorer, Crimson, and FG Inverted Dimonix - BS and Saffron Infinite DRN's - Black, Grey, and Cobalt Inverted Esoto 4R's - Black, Saffron, and Sky Blue Holosphere - Sweeper Crimson, Goalkeeper Orange, Black, FG, Lime, Pink, and Saffron Holographic Jandertek - Crimson Acrobat and BS Infinite Mandala's - Crimson, FG, Purple Aviator, BS, Saffron, and Pink Inverted Metalwork - Black Acrobat, Cobalt Show-off, FG, Grey, Purple, Saffron, and TW Muscle Boy's - TW, Grey Paragon, Cobalt, FG, Pink, and Purple Inverted Polyergic's - Cobalt Sweeper Holographic Rocket Forge II - Orange and Lime Infinite Shima - TW Tri-2050's - Purple and SB Yamane - TW Juggler, Black, Lime, Orange, Pink Goalkeeper, Cobalt and SB Infinite Yankii RL - Saffron Juggler, Black, BS, Lime, Pink, and SB Inverted Z-Ro
Decals Universal Decals: - Slipstream - TW, BS, and Purple Filiformer - TW, Black, Orange, BS, Cobalt, SB, Lime, Pink, Purple, and Saffron Formation - TW Show-off, Lime Striker, Grey Tactician, and Crimson Liquid Camo - Cobalt, Crimson, FG, and SB Luster Edge Octane: - Aviator Octane: Noooo! Other - Mantis Snakeskin
Boosts - Turtle and no cert Helios - Synthwave - Black, TW, Lime, and BS Aviator Toon Flame - Toon Sketch - Xmas Lights
Goal Explosion - Crimson Holodata - Juiced - SB Acrobat, Pink Scorer, Black, Purple, Cobalt, FG, and Lime Light Show - Cobalt and SB Rad Rock - Crimson Striker, Purple Goalkeeper, TW, Black, Orange, Pink, Saffron, and SB Spatial Rift - Cobalt Scorer, BS, Purple, and Saffron Riser - Striker Grey Meteor Storm BP
Player Banners - Copper Crisis - Fallen Angel - Hypnotik - RL Esports - Statesman
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2021.10.16 23:15 eternalrefuge86 Apparently Sabre expanded into the mace business. Woulda come in handy when the flasher got Phyllis

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2021.10.16 23:15 BodhisMom1224 How to respectfully tell my Manager I feel disconnected.

As part of a company restructuring this year, my group (in CA) was reassigned to another team headquartered out of MA. Coincidentally around the same time my direct manager also relocated to TX. My few CA colleagues still work together, while my manager and I have been integrated fully into the MA office. The physical distance from the the team combined with being the "new guy" has been a source of low morale for me.
This past week my manager made an unscheduled visit to MA to rub shoulders with the other managers. While there, he took everyone out for drinks and had the opportunity to sit down with the team I've been working with. He sent a few photos of them together; I know it was meant to be friendly but I just felt further removed. Additionally, I've since received a couple of messages implying that he held discussions in regards to my project without my knowledge.
My manager sent out an email this weekend sounding positive and pleased, adding that he has plans to travel to the office regularly moving forward.
I have a scheduled trip to TX this week and will be seeing my manager in person for the first time in several months. I'd like to take the opportunity to talk to him about how disconnected I'm feeling, without coming off as an overly sensitive employee that can't work remotely. I don't expect to be relocated or flown out every month to MA, but am wanting better platforms of communication (project management software) implemented as well a plan in the near future for remote workers to meet the rest of the team in NY. Am I expecting too much in this WFH era? Is there a respectful yet firm way to approach this conversation?
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2021.10.16 23:15 ttvChattyKathy [TC] I’m confused about the timeline in this game.

Okay so I just completed the game. From what I understand:

How old is Alex? Am I maybe remembering something wrong?
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2021.10.16 23:15 Jimmy_Fallen deep thoughts

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2021.10.16 23:15 Uhthaya_ferro Friends going home every weekend.

Most of the people I know at my university keep going home every weekend. Therefore the university tend to be pretty dead during the weekend. Most them says they go home to see family, high-school friends, and to do laundry. Which is all alright, but this is not really a option for me. I simply don't have these thing at home, nor is my home life that good going back to anyways. What are some of the thing I could do during the weekend? How can I find people in a more similar situation too me?
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2021.10.16 23:15 NoNoNo3000 A happy Cavie💕

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2021.10.16 23:15 Good-Mushroom1204 [homemade] Spanish Garbanzo Bean Soup

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2021.10.16 23:15 FINNCULL19 r/dogelore Sid (NOT MINE, belongs to u/roboitor6)

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