52ks5 k2h87 h5ba4 4dsb3 f45ba if5z3 4rkd7 erynn r2fs3 8h5nk tzbi2 bz66f yzz83 tbebs ytd4a 63i2d ze33s k4bfz i4h82 9r4et f3bks This was my boy Luke (RIP). If you zoom you can see the drip hanging from the tip of his nose. This would happen when he got really snuggly. Anyone else have cats that do this? Why does it happen? |

This was my boy Luke (RIP). If you zoom you can see the drip hanging from the tip of his nose. This would happen when he got really snuggly. Anyone else have cats that do this? Why does it happen?

2021.10.16 22:47 bcivgfjh This was my boy Luke (RIP). If you zoom you can see the drip hanging from the tip of his nose. This would happen when he got really snuggly. Anyone else have cats that do this? Why does it happen?

This was my boy Luke (RIP). If you zoom you can see the drip hanging from the tip of his nose. This would happen when he got really snuggly. Anyone else have cats that do this? Why does it happen? submitted by bcivgfjh to WhatsWrongWithYourCat [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 22:47 ProfessionalAd7091 Story of my two ocs

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2021.10.16 22:47 lashadapshina ¿Qué significa "un pistolón profundo"?

¡Hola a todos! :)
He encontrado las siguientes frases en un libro:
...el profundo y precario pistolón en la mano izquierda...
...con un garrote en la diestra y un pistolón profundo.
No estoy seguro de que "un pistolón profundo" sea una frase establecida, pero he leído casi todas las definiciones de la palabra "profundo" y todavía no puedo aplicar ninguna a las frases mencionadas anteriormente.
¿Qué puede significar estas frases? Muchas gracias :)
¡Correcciones de mis errores en la pregunta son bienvenidos!
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2021.10.16 22:47 comforting_sin No spoilers please because I haven’t finished this series but they call MC a drama queen? 🙄

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2021.10.16 22:47 kaydrem [SELL] [US] HELD TIGHT TANK HONEYCOMB SIZE 6 EEUC $45 shipped

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2021.10.16 22:47 equxny [PSN] [H] black octane RLCS 2021-22 [W] 4000cr

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2021.10.16 22:47 CB_98- Hey all. Would this gaming laptop be sufficient to run Minecraft RTX or any other shaders/mods?

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2021.10.16 22:47 Main-Analyst3377 Manden packs que ando hot xd

Alguien que quiera enviarme fotos de sus amigas buenonas o intercambiar packs, se les agradece :)
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2021.10.16 22:47 Any-Community6429 Qui pour snap ? Et montre vos daronne

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2021.10.16 22:47 Theantropos Headlamp and exchangeable gopro shoulder mount system for hiking

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2021.10.16 22:47 bisse_von_fluga It do be like that

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2021.10.16 22:47 MatchCaster Jupiler Pro League - 2021/2022 - Standard Liege vs OH Leuven - Post-Wedstrijd Thread

Standard Liege 2-2 OH Leuven Match Info: Opstelling:
Standard Liege - 4-2-2-2
Starting XI: Arnaud Bodart, Hugo Siquet, Ameen Al-Dakhil, Noë Dussenne, Niels Nkounkou, Samuel Bastien, Nicolas Raskin, Abdoul Tapsoba, Selim Amallah, João Klauss, Denis Drăguş
Substitutes: Laurent Henkinet, Moussa Sissako, Nicolas Gavory, Mehdi Carcela-González, Daouda Peeters, Aron Dønnum, Jackson Muleka
Coach: L. Elsner
OH Leuven - 3-4-2-1
Starting XI: Rafael Romo, Soufiane Chakla, Sébastien Dewaest, Cenk Özkaçar, Musa Al-Taamari, Mandela Keita, Alexis De Sart, Casper De Norre, Xavier Mercier, Mathieu Maertens, Siebe Schrijvers
Substitutes: Rúnar Alex Rúnarsson, Thibault Vlietinck, Dylan Ouedraogo, Pierre-Yves Ngawa, Levan Shengelia, Yannick Aguemon, Sory Kaba
Coach: M. Brys
Standard Liege 2 - 2 OH Leuven
45% Ball Possession 55%
17 Total Shots 12
6 Shots On Target 7
6 Shots Off Target 4
5 Blocked Shots 1
10 Shots Inside Box 7
7 Shots Outside Box 5
5 Corner Kicks 3
1 Offsides 0
17 Fouls 9
2 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 0
5 Goalkeeper Saves 3
378 Passes 482
298 (79%) Accurate Passes 391 (81%)
Wedstrijd Evenementen 0' KICKOFF!
39' GOAL! Scored by A. Tapsoba (Standard Liege)
46' Substitution: A. Dønnum for S. Amallah (Standard Liege)
51' GOAL! Scored by D. Drăguş (Standard Liege)
64' Substitution: S. Kaba for A. De Sart (OH Leuven)
64' Substitution: Y. Aguemon for Musa Al-Taamari (OH Leuven)
67' Substitution: M. Carcela-González for D. Drăguş (Standard Liege)
69' Yellow Card for A. Tapsoba (Standard Liege)
75' Substitution: N. Gavory for A. Tapsoba (Standard Liege)
83' Substitution: M. Sissako for N. Dussenne (Standard Liege)
83' Substitution: J. Muleka for Klauss (Standard Liege)
87' Yellow Card for N. Raskin (Standard Liege)
90' Yellow Card for L. Shengelia (OH Leuven)
90' GOAL! Scored by X. Mercier (OH Leuven)
90' GOAL! Scored by S. Kaba (OH Leuven)
90' Match whistled off
Player Match Stats Standard Liege
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Denis Drăguş 7.9 67 1 2 37 13 3
João Klauss 7.7 83 4 1 19 9 2
Noë Dussenne 7.3 83 0 1 33 3 0
Nicolas Raskin 7.3 96 0 7 43 17 1
Hugo Siquet 7.2 96 0 1 40 3 2
Abdoul Tapsoba 7.2 75 2 1 19 10 1
Samuel Bastien 7 96 1 0 42 6 4
Selim Amallah 7 45 1 2 19 10 2
Arnaud Bodart 6.9 96 0 0 21 1 0
Mehdi Carcela-González 6.9 29 0 0 7 2 2
Niels Nkounkou 6.7 96 1 2 37 9 2
Jackson Muleka 6.7 13 1 0 4 4 0
Ameen Al-Dakhil 6.6 96 0 0 24 2 0
Aron Dønnum 6.6 51 1 0 16 4 1
Nicolas Gavory 6.3 21 0 1 8 4 0
Moussa Sissako 6 13 0 0 2 1 0
OH Leuven
Player Rating Mins Shots Tackles Passes Duels Dribbles
Xavier Mercier 7.6 96 2 1 50 10 2
Cenk Özkaçar 7.2 96 0 2 61 7 0
Mandela Keita 7.2 96 1 4 47 11 0
Sébastien Dewaest 6.9 96 1 1 50 8 0
Mathieu Maertens 6.9 96 1 0 28 4 1
Siebe Schrijvers 6.9 96 2 0 33 6 0
Sory Kaba 6.9 32 0 0 10 4 1
Levan Shengelia 6.7 13 0 0 6 2 0
Rafael Romo 6.6 96 0 0 19 0 0
Soufiane Chakla 6.6 96 1 3 66 16 2
Alexis De Sart 6.5 64 0 1 24 7 1
Musa Al-Taamari 6.3 64 1 0 30 10 4
Yannick Aguemon 6.3 32 0 0 8 8 3
Casper De Norre 6.2 83 0 0 31 3 0

[ All data provided by MatchCaster ^(*, a next level football threading bot - fully configurable and customized threads controlled by moderators of this subreddit.
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2021.10.16 22:47 Thorne628 Have you ever known someone who became so radicalized they joined an extremist group?

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2021.10.16 22:47 XcaarlosX Shanks would die in marineford

When i first watch op and shanks papers in the middle of the war, I said “holy shit this guy would kill everyone if he wanted”, I thought he was so badass that he made marine and white bears crew shit on pants, but recently I am reading the Manga and I’m just saw marineford again and just realize that shanks would be killed if the marine decided to go on. They still had the 3 admirals, songoku and garp (he had his reasons to don’t fight wb but he didn’t have one to not fight shanks), and even if white bears crew helped him they were already injured and had lost a lot of members, BB didn’t had why to help shanks and stay in the war would be too risky so he probably would just ran away. The probably reason that marine don’t fought was because it would not be worth for then, they would lost a lot of souldiers, maybe some S rank like admiral or songoku, and they had already completed their goal, kill ace.
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2021.10.16 22:47 NeedSomeMedicalSpace Magic Candy?

In episode S12 E:03 when Bob buys the sour sac babies, in less than 10 seconds he goes from having 3 bags and no bowl, to having 3 bags AND a full bowl?
I mean, what are we supposed to believe, that this is some sort of magic candy or something?
Boy I really hope somebody got fired for this blunder
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2021.10.16 22:47 WriteLetsDoThis Do you really believe Cinder will be redeemed or is it just wishful thinking?

There is a good number of people who think she won't die, but be redeemed. Now, I like Cinder, but I can't see it happening in the show. The problem with Cinder is she just doesn't give a fuck about anything she's done. She has no remorse, and biggest of all, she doesn't want to change or at least hasn't shown a desire to. A person can only change if they want to and she clearly doesn't want to, she likes being evil.
Even her relationship with Mercury and Emerald doesn't seem like a way to redeem her, since her attachment to them is more of a toxic possessive thing.
So I basically wanna know why you believe she can be redeemed and how she can be redeemed considering she hasn't once shown she cares enough to be good.
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2021.10.16 22:47 Impressive_Air5943 18 M [friendship] looking for new people to snap

Dm age and snap :)
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2021.10.16 22:47 VictoryAngle99 official pebblebrain audios when?

does anyone have any information on when the official audios are coming out? I want to put them in my YouTube playlist but seperated while still supporting the band. Lovejoy released official audios for Alright, I hope they do for Pebblebrain.
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2021.10.16 22:47 EmergenceHumor Do I need to be the asshole, to not be the asshole? Its a gay question because asshole.

Which is a joke because I’m also calling you an asshole. I am high and vibing well. I am concerned my friend is autistic, not a funny sentence. Not a joke.
When high I am flamboyant and perform observational humor, and comment on it in subtextual conversation. I was vibing so well.
My friend whom I can’t ultimately ever know is really autistic doesn’t understand my flamboyance and why I can’t stop. I know questions that hurt her and her goal structure vs mine. I am sad for her, but that is just my perspective and not hers.
I am trying to vibe.
I had thought her situation is killing my vibe but I love her. I am encouraging my cis friends to hang out at non-cis establishments I know she dreams about. But my encouragement, ironically?, is something I know hurts her.
I am loving the vibe I had and know it will end, but it is Phoenix; it would burn. I have to be an asshole. I have to ditch friends, my friends I finally finally finally have to love.
Grace is my friend. I’m going is not being accommodating to accompany my friends to places they want to go. I also want to go with you, this is why we are friends.
The Phoenix dies. I’m a table away and they are talking about how they hate the person Ive become. I am finally me. I want in my heart to keep them as my friends. But I cannot stop the tide, if as i command it.
I’m crying but I know this is good, for them, and the person ive become. In my heart they will be my friends. But today I must ditch them, because they do not love the person Ive become. Me.
-The asshole
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2021.10.16 22:47 whoopdawhoop12345 Finalised my LOTR booknook, took a few weeks ! Hope you enjoy !

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2021.10.16 22:47 Distinct_Arrival_771 hola soy feo mándame foto en calzones pero en chino

哇嗨嗨...📷📷📷📷📷你真的回答我了吗? 📷📷 . 我很可怕,对吧?我要一个人待着,没人爱我。 而且你很漂亮,很漂亮,很漂亮,很漂亮,📷📷📷📷我不配和我说话......我确定你背后有很多人,我很恶心,对吧?📷📷 📷📷📷你多漂亮,像女神一样,📷📷可以发一张你穿内裤的照片吗? 我很丑📷📷
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2021.10.16 22:47 mwfreebies FREE Coffee Mug, T-Shirt, Sweatshirt Or Other Great Prize From Morning Brew!

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2021.10.16 22:47 Intelligent-Ad-5501 I drew Mery (the one with the Bat boi hat) and one of her children, Meg! (Both my oc's btw)

I drew Mery (the one with the Bat boi hat) and one of her children, Meg! (Both my oc's btw) submitted by Intelligent-Ad-5501 to GachaUnity [link] [comments]

2021.10.16 22:47 mr_hate45 Photoshoot

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2021.10.16 22:46 Shakespeare257 A short list of all the plotholes introduced over the last 2 seasons that heavily detract from the show's quality. [Spoilers] obviously

1) Bow Lion is heavily implied to be pregnant after season 1. We never hear anything about that again.
2) There are a million questions that start with "Why the fuck did Sibeth..." The character is a walking plothole. The most obvious ones are "why did Sibeth kill Boots?" which has no explanation beyond "because she is crazy." But there's also the question of "why does Sibeth want to pick a fight that she is guaranteed to lose with the Trivantians?" If there's a good reason for that, it has not been made abundantly clear in the show.
3) Speaking of Boots - remember how S1 set-up this really huge moment where Baba's family got split-up and Boots' mother made them promise her that they'd kill Boots? As in, literally every character in Baba's family had an axe to grind with Boots, who is potentially now their mortal enemy as they approached Pennsa? This is literally never brought up again.
4) Back to Bow Lion - she has not aged in the 17 years it took Kofun and Haniwa to grow up. If she was like... 18 at the start of the show, she is now 35. It is practically impossible that she is not barren as it is not shown that she had kids - but if she is barren, why did her mother seem so hopeful in sending her to the festival in S1?
5) Let's talk about Harlan - he survived a grievous wound, literally right in his stomach. Without adequate surgical help, he is a dead man. It is NEVER explained how he survived that, which is either a plot hole, or a lack of adequate expectations setting.
6) Let's talk about the scene where Maghra and Harlan fend off the assassins - who are the assassins after? Are they after Harlan, Maghra or Sibeth? It makes the least sense for them to be after Maghra or Harlan - but if they are after Sibeth, why are they going after Maghra? Are they there to kill off the entire house, or just one person?
7) Let's talk about Edo's strategy to rush the trenches. It was a dumb ass strategy - even if he believed that he had adequate forces, feeding them into a chokepoint negates their only advantage. He also conveniently seems to have forgotten that there is a huge body of water where they are about to fight. Edo is portrayed as this incredibly capable general of the strongest army in the world - but he is also portrayed as a moron. These two things hardly compute - he can be a cocky moron, but that's not how the portrayal worked.
8) Let's talk about Kofun. Why is he also not an archer? If they spent the entirety of the season having Kofun train as an archer (as they should), he can take out literally 50-60 people in that battle, including his half-brother, negating any sight advantage the Travantians have.
9) Let's talk battle strategy - you have a numerically inferior force who decides to meet a numerically superior force head on. Given the Payans have 2 sighted people, why are they not engaging in guerilla operations? There is a solid 2-3 days of road left to Pennsa - with smart archers and traps and killing Wren and the little sighted boy, they can absolutely destroy that army.
10) This is not a plot hole, but the Wren/Haniwa plotline is "stupid Romeo and Juliet" and you can't change my mind.
11) Why did Baba Voss have some of his people outside the wall at the start of the battle? He'd know that the Travantians do use arrow volleys, and if he didn't Haniwa and Kofun would be able to tell him that FIRE ARROWS ARE COMING? Also, why were those arrows on fire?
12) How did Wren end up on the Payan side of the battlefield at the end of the fight? She must've had to climb up the ropes, that the Payans did not retract after climbing up AND she must've actively sought to end on that side of the battlefield - not all the Travantians died in the ice attack.
13) Let's talk about the Witchfinders at the end of the episode - why did they make a huge stink about leaving, instead of staying in the army and plotting within? Also, how come nobody else made an attempt on the lives of Haniwa and Kofun after that one dude who Toad killed? These are people with a generational axe to grind against sighted people - and Kofun and Haniwa were not surrounded by trusted guards at most points after that.
14) Talking about guards, why was Sibeth not searched for weapons when she was imprisoned? Why are there no guards in front of her room?
15) Let's talk about Trivantes and Edo's plan to breed Haniwa to make sighted soldiers. Why did he need Haniwa when clearly he could take any of Jerlamarel's chirdren INCLUDING HIS SONS. If you are young enough to understand how many babies a person can make - a man can create 270 babies by the time a woman has one. If they started the "breeding program" 18 years ago, or even 10-16 years ago, they'd have thousands of sighted babies/kids/teens in Trivantes. Even if it was not done at that scale, Edo is shown to have the capacity to run this program at a small scale - and he hasn't. This is idiotic.
16) Let's talk about Jerlamarel - why is he such a cartoonish villain. Why has he allowed himself to become eseentially a Travantian prisoner (he literally lives in a prison)? The population density of the country is so low that it is inconceivable that he did not move out West to some of the flyoverstates where agriculture would be much easier and the odds of running into a dominant group would be lower. For every Trivantes, there are a hundred "silk farm" type settlements that would not pose a huge danger out West.
17) Let's talk about accuracy in that last battle - literally every one of the protagonists/antagonists and a huge part of both armies had a 100% hit rate with their weapons, INCLUDING the stupid crossbows. They are fighting like sighted people, but they are not. The battle strategies/formations of these armies have nothing on the strategies that were used in the first battle in S1.
18) Let's talk about ladders - did Edo's army not bring a ladder with them to scale the trenches, or literally any terrain? Or a hook + rope? Can they not bypass the chokepoint completely and avoid battle on unfavorable grounds? Even at a 2:1 advantage in numbers, it is idiotic to risk half your army fighting in a chokepoint. They have maps, and the landscape of Western Pennsylvania is not extremely mountainous to the point where a flanking maneuver is impossible and they HAVE to fight in the chokepoint. I want to remind you that Tamacti Jun had ladders in S1E1, and if games like Death Stranding have taught us anything it is that having a ladder when you're navigating rough terrain is nice. These devices are portable enough, especially given they are carrying a fucking battering ram with them.
19) How did Tamacti Jun survive? Wasn't the silk farm on fire, he was impaled, but... he made it to a Trivantian prison, heavily implying that someone came, saved him, healed his wound AND then sold him to Trivantes.
20) How many people exactly survived the fall of Kenzua? How did they make it to Pennsa? Are all of them trained hunters/survivors, or was it just this one dude who Harlan killed who got lucky?
21) Let's talk about Shadows/Assassins and all other sorts of sneaky buggers who can kill people in this world - how are they so good? How do they know where to go, especially in places which they are visiting for the first time? We are made to believe that this is our world in the future, so "magic" is a shitty explanation. It makes for decent TV the first 2-3 times in S1, but if you abuse the mechanic, you have to explain it in the constraints of the world.
22) Let's talk about Paris - how does she know the things she knows? Also is she stupid, saving Sibeth's life? Again, magic is a shitty explanation, and the character does not fit the show she is in - at least not in the direction that S2 took it. Great character in S1, but if the world is this brutal, pragmatic world of constant politicking and brutal conflict, she suddenly doesn't fit as we see no other examples of mysticism at work. For a comparison with GoT, Melisandre there works because the entire setting is conducive to magic working, and the supernatural is normalized. In See the supernatural does not work.
I hope the writers fix this show in S3, because S1 was passable, but S2 was extremely poorly written and basically assassinated all of its characters except maybe for Baba Voss.
submitted by Shakespeare257 to SeeTV [link] [comments]