Thrustmaster T300RS Paddle shift extenders?

2021.12.01 07:20 GuyInsideTreehouse Thrustmaster T300RS Paddle shift extenders?

Hey everyone, I recently got an adapter hub thingy for my T300RS wheel, so I can mount a real aftermarket wheel on it. It works great, but there is just one issue, I can't comfortably reach the paddle shifters anymore. I did a bit of research but only found extenders on Ebay. Now Ebay doesn't want to work for me, it keeps saying my address is unvalid and I'm not even fully sure if I can pay on Ebay.
Does anyone here know of any paddle shift extenders? You'd help me out big time!
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2021.12.01 07:20 Dark_Prince28 Urvashi Rautela

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2021.12.01 07:20 Kingflares What do you expect a $10,000 version of 5$ or less items (pencils, pens, paper, cups, etc) to be able to do?

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2021.12.01 07:20 McCaffrey210 Signature Signings Price Increase on Market?

I noticed this especially with Edwards but how is it in one day that people have went from selling Edwards and a few others from buy it now 24k (20k was the cheapest I seen) to now over 45k+ as of last night?
I never even seen Numbers Up Promo take this kind of price hike or even the rulebreakers one.
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2021.12.01 07:20 Claycapes I thought I’d Dye my tree this year..

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2021.12.01 07:20 JustYerRegularAnon Pain. We only had mongooses and razorbacks.

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2021.12.01 07:20 P3nguLGOG If your job starts at 9:00am is that the time you are expected to ARRIVE at your workplace to start getting ready or the time you are supposed to BE ready (sat down, logged in, suited up, equiped, whatever) to start work?

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2021.12.01 07:20 AussieDegenerate What other Pokémon card artwork features European inspirations

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2021.12.01 07:20 Solfaroiy Brand New Shiryo - Inu - DAPP based game & NFT’s in development! - Liquidity Lock - Launching Now on BSC

Welcome to Shiryo - Inu

Shiryo - Inu launching now on Ethereum and it seems that play to earn game tokens are still one of the best niches to buy in DeFi! The roadmap details a fully functional trading card based game which will allow for the earning of the native token through different incentives including weekly competitions!
Contract Address: 0x0e675f042b4C4053062e94ff4738e233D846A31b
The team recently released concepts for the trading cards on their Telegram group and their design team has done an amazing job, this is a gem in the making and it is still incredibly early if you get in now. Having only been life for less than 24 hours the token is sitting at just above a $1M market cap which is incredibly low for a play to earn game, the team is really active on Telegram and the holders seem to be diamond handed after seeing the potential in this project!
Everything about this project has been super clean so far, the chart looks good and the website and concepts released so far have been on point.
The whitepaper is to be released today alongside more mockups of the concept for the game, the marketing has been on point with calls from all the biggest names on Telegram and Twitter. The developer even just hired a social media specific marketing agency to help get even more eyes on the project, Shiryo-Inu is about to become synonymous with the likes of Floki and Mononoke - Inu, don’t sleep on this one!

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x0e675f042b4C4053062e94ff4738e233D846A31b

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2021.12.01 07:20 joklyt Protectors of the home (explanation in the comments)

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2021.12.01 07:20 Keki_264 100% Completion

Hi. I am just wondering if i can get 100% on my first run of the game. Im at 70% total and 81% missions. Should i start a new run or can it be done in this one?
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2021.12.01 07:20 Radiant_Nature5058 Under what terms will you accept immortality if the only unavoidable consequence is uncurable depression?

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2021.12.01 07:20 Sixshooterchuck Ai generated memes day 4

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2021.12.01 07:20 hoesomeslut You cannot say these: list of OF forbidden words💀

abduct abducted abducting abduction admireme animal asphyxia asphyxiate asphyxiation asphyxicate asphyxication bait ballbusting bareback beastiality bestiality blacked blackmail bleeding blood bloodplay bukkake caned caning cannibal cbt cervics cerviks cervix child chloroform chloroformed chloroforming choke choking coma comatose consent cp cycle diapers dog doze drinking drunk drunken enema entrance escort escorting fanfuck farm fecal fetal fisted fisting flogging foetal forced forcedbi forceful forcing fuckafan fuckfan gangbang gangbangs gaping golden hardsports hooker hypno hypnotize hypnotized hypnotizing inbreed inbreeded inbreeding incapacitate incapacitation incest intox inzest jail jailbait kidnap kidnapped kidnapping knock knocked lactate lactation lolicon lolita medicalplay menstrate menstrual menstruate menstruating menstruation meet molest molested molesting mutilate mutilation necrophilia nigger paddling paralyzed passed pedo pedophile pedophilia pee peeplay pegging piss pissing poo poop preteen prostituted prostituting prostitution pse rape raping rapist restrictedwordtestzulu scat showers skat snuff strangled strangling strangulation suffocate suffocation teen toilet toiletslave toiletslavery torture tortured trance unconscious unconsciousness underage unwilling vomit vomitted vomitting watersports whipping young zoophilia
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2021.12.01 07:20 dafoggg Is this even good? 35%base > 15%pure?

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2021.12.01 07:20 PaulChF Hello, my shiba started keeping his tail down at home, during walks is normal. He's 2 yo. What could this mean?

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2021.12.01 07:20 SzegedNewsBotka Közösségi oldalán írt búcsúlevelet öt kisgyerekének az eltűnt hódmezővásárhelyi édesanya

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2021.12.01 07:20 InternalTrain7963 Jeon Hyeon-gyu, “My wife had a kidney surgery while pregnant with twins. Received ureter re-transplantation

Jeon Hyeon-gyu, “My wife had a kidney surgery while pregnant with twins. Received ureter re-transplantation
In 'Baek Se Nuri Show', the family history of Jo Jung-gyu drew attention.

On the 1st, TV Chosun's 'Baek Se Nuri Show' appeared on the show.

On this day's broadcast, Jeon Hyeon-gyu, a father of three children, introduced his house.
In particular, the unusual cuteness of the young twins shot the hearts of the cast.

There were, however, things that were worrying. that her wife was hospitalized.

"Her wife said that her kidneys were pressed down during her twin pregnancy and stopped functioning," he said. "I wanted to save a few percent of her kidneys. She said, "That's how she got her ureteral re-implantation."

After hearing the news of her wife, Jeon Jeong-gyu, parents rushed to help her child rearing. And the affectionate heart of Jo Jung-gyu for her wife.

These broadcasts caught the attention of viewers.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun's 'Baekse Nuri Show' is a new concept health lecture show for modern people living in the 100-year-old era. This broadcast airs every Wednesday at 7 PM.
먹튀,먹튀검증,먹튀검증사이트,먹튀신고,먹튀제보,먹튀 사이트
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2021.12.01 07:20 Hank_Nova Dials & Devil Fruits

Maybe this isn't a new theory, but I haven't seen it posted before. In Ch 1033, Zoro's attack on King's belly and the resulting explosion made me think of Dials in Skypiea, and it made me realizer that there must have been something living inside these shells at some point! If the creatures that lived in the dials also had similar abilities to their shells, it could give an explanation for some Paramecia/Logia Devil Fruits!
I believe it is fairly well accepted that SMILE is made from animals to give the artificial Zoan fruits, and thus Natural Zoan fruits likely also came from animals somehow. What if some Paramecia/Logia's also came from animals, just a very special species!
But where did this species come from, how did they get to Skypiea, why are they only found there, and where did they go?
These are shell creatures which likely come from the bottom of ocean (Davy Jone's locker), and I think they got to Skypiea the same way Luffy's crew did... via the Knock-up Stream. I believe the knock-up stream is also the reason they have their special abilities. IIRC, the knock-up stream is caused by thermal vents filling great caverns with gaseous pyrobloin which eventually crack and release the stream. I believe these are like sea-pangolin that live near thermal vents... but it evolved to make us of pyroboloin.

Sea Pangolin (iron nail) lives near thermal vents
I also think the characteristic spiral of the shell have similarities to those on Devil Fruits (and perhaps Sanji's eyebrows /s).
This species also seems to be extinct, which is reminiscent of the extinction of the Ancient Kingdom, no new devil fruits being created, extinction of King's race etc. I can't say how exactly it is related, but seems like the extinction of this species could be a key part to the history. Perhaps this is even the reason that Fishmen were enslaved, as a means to harvest these special deep-sea creatures.
Dial abilities posasaibly linked to Devil Fruits's:
(I will update list based on comments/suggestions)

Dial Dial Ability Possible Devil Fruit Known User
Axe slicing attack Supa Supa no Mi Daz Bonez (Mr. 1)
Ball release cloud puffs in balls Beri Beri no Mi Very Good
Breath store wind currents ??? To be revealed Wind DevilFruit?
Flame absorb/ release fire Mera Mera no Mi Ace / Sabo
Flash store/release intense light Pika Pike no Mi Borsalino
Flavor store/release gases (aromas, explosive and flammable gases) Gasu Gasu no Mi Caesar Clown
Heat stores and releases heat Netsu Netsu no Mi Charlotte Oven
Impact Absorb blunt impacts/store kinetic energy, to be released later ??? Gomu Gomu no Mi?
Jet Strong bursts of air (more powerful version of Wind dial) ??? To be revealed Wind DevilFruit?
Lamp store/release light slowly ???
Eisen emit stream of "iron cloud" Moku Moku no Mi Smoker
Milky release clouds Moku Moku no Mi Smoker
Reject store energy and release x10 (stronger impact dial) Nikyu Nikyu no Mi Kuma
Tone store/release sounds Goe Goe no Mi (movie only) Eldoraggo
Vision store/release images Mane Mane no Mi Bentham (Mr. 2)
Water store/release water
Thunder store/release electricity Goro Goro no Mi Enel
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2021.12.01 07:20 kimboai Am I doing it right? Finally! Lessss gooo

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2021.12.01 07:20 123kapa Just cleaned my car

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2021.12.01 07:20 wowbaggerc Walk in vaccination centres in or around city centre

Hello! I am a foreigner living in Prague. Can anyone give an information about the walk-in vaccination places since I can’t have a reservation. (my phone is broken)
Also I have heard my country (Turkey) is paying for the vaccinations for their but I have no idea how it would work.
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2021.12.01 07:20 captain_doge_ Life is too short to tolerate abuse

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2021.12.01 07:20 fr8oper8er I have two VIP tickets for sale. Can't use them because of travel restrictions

Stand: E - East Stand Area L40 Centenary Pavilion Row Z Seat 0146 - 0147
Tickets bought for 540 £ total.
Not looking to make a profit.
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2021.12.01 07:20 Puzzleheaded_Bill_10 I think we will see apple in the $150 -$160s again someday.

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