Public XRP ledger nodes fall out of sync - some XRP services down, others disrupted

2021.12.01 05:42 SenatusSPQR Public XRP ledger nodes fall out of sync - some XRP services down, others disrupted

TL;DR: the most-used XRPL nodes fell out of sync due to too many requests. Many services use these nodes as running a node is expensive, owing to XRP's huge ledger and high hardware requirements.
For more info, see this Twitter thread, this Twitter thread and this news item.
What seems to have happened is that two nodes run by Ripple (s1 and s2) fell out of sync with the network.

These are nodes being run by Ripple for public use, but apparently too many users rely on these "free-to-use" nodes rather than spinning up their own nodes. We're not just talking small users here - apparently many exchanges are running these free nodes as well and doing API calls on them.
What we need right now are Full History Nodes. That's really expensive hardware.
This seems to illustrate the issue. The reason that many use these public nodes is that running a full node is.. cumbersome, to say the least. XRP enthusiasts correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems like these are the requirements:
On top of that, there are huge storage requirements - roughly 18 TB that needs to be stored on SSDs, it appears, increasing by ~12 GB a day (year-old information). It takes literal months to bootstrap this, according to the XRPL website.
I'm no expert, but it seems to me like this might not be a sustainable method of doing things. XRP's idea is that with more businesses using XRP, there are incentives for them to run nodes themselves. Given that Nano uses the same incentive and many Bitcoin enthusiasts run full nodes, I don't blame them for that thinking and believe it could work.
However, there's one important difference here. A Bitcoin full node is ~360GB, and grows slowly. A Nano full node is ~81 GB, and grows slowly. In both cases though, ledger size is limited because both Bitcoin and Nano do not try to do it all. Bitcoin limits itself to ~7 TPS max, Nano limits itself to pure transactions only. XRP on the other hand seems to be trying to do it all - not just storing simple transactions. I can't find accurate figures for total transactions since start unfortunately, would love to be helped here.
Anyway, this is an interesting event to follow. Because the "primary" nodes are down, some services are switching to other nodes, increasing the API calls on those nodes, putting those nodes under pressure again, etc etc. It does not seem fixed as of yet that I can tell, but information is rather murky.
Lesson in all this, to me, is that it's vital to, if you want to be truly decentralized, keep running a node as lightweight as possible. People and services are naturally lazy, and the fact that many exchanges and XRP's most well known wallet (Xumm) seem to rely on public nodes rather than running their own seems to illustrate that running a node should be made easier and/or cheaper, and that having massive hardware requirements + massive storage needed might not be the way to go. This obviously holds for any cryptocurrency trying to "do it all", and is why I think we'll see many chains all specialised in doing one thing and doing it well.
Any corrections much welcome, I'm following this with interest but am not the most well-read up on XRP lately.
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2021.12.01 05:42 Dead-Inside-Ty Yall niggas expect us to pay lol for allat we would have bought the only fans

Imma drop the head video later since yall niggas is fucking bozos expecting niggas to pay
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2021.12.01 05:42 Motor-Ad-8858 A Police Officer Was Fired After The Shooting Death Of A Wheelchair Bound Shoplifting Suspect In A Tucson Walmart Store In The US State Of Arizona

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2021.12.01 05:42 Kreedie_ Anybody else loving this thunderstorm?

When I lived in Dandenong, I swear, every storm we got, lasted two minutes, but since I've moved up to Bacchus Marsh, the storms last longer, they're louder and the rain is so calming.
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2021.12.01 05:42 idontknowwtfurdoing ER Doctors of Reddit, what is the craziest story you have from the emergency room?

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Users are able to swap from one token to another seamlessly across different exchanges and blockchains on a single marketplace of 123swap.
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2021.12.01 05:42 OkReporter3886 deluxe upgrade on xbox?

i own the beyond light normal on xbox but also have it through gamepass. i cant find a way to upgrade to deluxe edition, when i click on things for the upgrade it says the price of the whole deluxe edition.
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2021.12.01 05:42 mgeneral Salute to Genesis

Hey fam - I had something to say and wanted to say it before it’s too late. Didn’t know where else to say this.
Genesis - (Tony, Mike and, Phil) Your self titled album got me through some of my darkest days back in the 80’s. Mama and HBTS, in particular, were and are, regular go-to’s. They’re also keys to both dark and beautiful memories. Helps keep me grounded in reality. Thank you
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2021.12.01 05:42 Throw6a8w9a6y What do programmers DO when they work?

Okay so the obvious answer is coding. Got it.
Not entirely what I'm asking.
What objectives do they have?
For example, if I were a teacher, I teach. But specifically, I'm creating lesson plans and delivering information usually about a specific subject, and the goal is to teach students that subject. My objective might be to each 10 year olds basic algebra for instance, or it might be to teach English natives Spanish or French.
When you code... You code for... What?
My guess is that the jobs actually come from the financial industry, big data, maybe website stuff. Maybe you're programming a game or electronic device.
Where are most of the jobs exactly? What's the specific objeçtives in them?
I ask because I want to move to a job where I'd make more money, so I considered going to school for programming and building towards a degree. But I'm unsure what my work will look like after. What will my projects BE?
Very specifically, right now I do a job that's akin to social work. It's not social work. It's behind the scenes of social work that's essential to getting it to happen. For example, meals on wheels - I might not make the food or deliver it, but I'm part of the staff behind the scenes that facilitates the process. I feel proud about what I do because I know if I didn't show up, there would be issues with people getting what they need.
Is there any meaning in programming like that? I don't want my objective to be making money for share holders or boosting website sales by analyzing big bunches of data or whatever. Do you know what I mean? I want my work to mean something, and I wouldn't get that from simply making a company more money.
But I guess I just don't know what programmers actually do to decide whether or not I'd be proud of myself for switching professions. And, do the areas that might allow me to have meaning even pay well? Because if not, it's a lateral move.
TLDR what are the objectives of programmers in the grand scheme of their jobs?
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2021.12.01 05:42 cornfucker73 Operator not one shotting body shot?

Hey guys, just a quick question. I was in a spike rush earier today, and I hit a body shot with the Operator and it only did 136 damage. No wall bang, normal op, no upgrades. Then at the same range, my opponent hit me in the same spot and did 150. Just curious why/how this happened. Thanks!
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2021.12.01 05:42 happy_gamer10 What was your dream car as a teenager and did you ever get one?

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2021.12.01 05:42 Majestic-Phase5306 Required WAM to apply for master in Mechanical engineering

Hello guys, I was wondering what are the average WAM required to secure a place in Mechanical engineering as an international student?
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