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Review/Thoughts- Balvenie 17

2022.01.19 15:57 Lolokthen_guy56 Review/Thoughts- Balvenie 17

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2022.01.19 15:57 Lotte512 Soooo... what's for dinner?

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2022.01.19 15:57 GeneralPY101 How to keep abstract mindset when learning something in tech(especially programming) and how to concentrate?

I know what I am talking about can be idiotic but still there is a problem I am facing from around last 13 months.
One term that occurs again and again in tech world is abstraction. There is a lot of abstraction everywhere in tech especially programming and a programmer has to deal with it but idk why I cannot deal with abstraction. Whenever I study something, for example I was studying about closures today and I was using python to understand the topic and after a few minutes of watching the video I was reffering to, I started wondering how closures work under the hood, I want the underlying C code for that even if I don't understand a bit of logic and code but still I want it. So I started surfing for that and successfully wasted my time without even learning what closures are. Similar thing happens every time, whenever I start learning anything. I want to become a pentester and it is good to know multiple programming languages, so I started learning C/C++, python(main language), js , c# etc. all at once and not learning them simply to understand the code, I learn them as I am learning a new programming language and dig very deep even when I don't understand anything and I even study things like if else statements which only differ syntatically is most language but still I waste a lot of time learning them. One problem I encounter these days is that I forget things easily(literally very easily) and to counter that I create notes of whatever things I learn. I guess the forgetting problem is due to me not paying full attention on the topic when I learn it, I am either creating notes, or checking my phone every 5 mins even when I know that there will be no message from anyone or surf youtube(idk why I have this bad addiction, the first thing I open when I start my laptop is yt) etc etc.
I have other things at my learning goals which include os, assembly, networking etc. When I started OS theory, I was unable to get what is being taught(I used william stallings book and some yt videos) so I thought maybe learning computer organisation first might help and another thing I know is that learning full computer organisation theory is required but still ill start learning full computer organisation(again from william stallings book) and then to learn computer organisation I started learning logic design. Simply said, I was not following the abstractions there. TBH my electronics part was bad so it is little bit hard for me to understand logic design, computer organisation part or whole low level stuff but still I am trying extra hard to learn it when in reality I am just wasting my time to learn just a single topic. I forget things I learn easily so the main topic that I was even going to learn is gone.
I want to know that how can I keep abstract mindset for rn till I get a job, cuz after I start earning and have a stable base, I can dedicate myself to learning other things without having to worry to much , but rn I am just distracting myself from my goal of becoming a pentester and doing something else.
Also how can I concentrate more while studying?
There is also 1 more problem that my learning power has decreased in last 2 years idk why. Its like someone removed my ram. 2 years ago when I was still in scholl, I grasped topics more easily, my logic building and maths were very good, electronics was very good and off course programming was good too. I learned enough web dev in a month back then that I was able to create clones of sites like reddit, instagram, facebook etc.(more backend oriented as my creativity is low and frontend is hard) easily but now when I try to learn any topic it takes me a lot of time to grasp it even when it is a simple topic , even when I learnt it earlier. For maths, I can say that I haven't practiced it for a long time so its obvious that my skills in maths will be rusty, but my logic ability, especially when programming is very low. I always feel like I know nothing. My classmates( I am in college now) don't know linux and I know linux so when they face a problem in it I solve it but still I forget the exact command I wanted to use just at the moment it comes to it(same happens when I speak, I forget the word exactly at the moment I want to use it). My classmates think that I know enough linux to be sys admin but still I feel that I know nothing.
Idk why but somehow I wrote what I was feeling. It has been troubling me from a long time so if someone understands what is going one please help!
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2022.01.19 15:57 theusernamehastaken Just a random map where things radically changed.

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2022.01.19 15:57 i_am_zombie_76 What's a ghost's favorite type of porn?

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2022.01.19 15:57 valkaress As a beginner, should I include the pronunciation using the latin alphabet or only write the cyrillic letters on my flashcards?

I started learning Russian less than 2 weeks ago. I'm using mainly Pimsleur (up to lesson 20 so far), with AnkiDroid for flashcards and google translate to practice writing.
I started off by writing just the pronunciation using the latin alphabet on my flashcards. After a while I started writing the russian spelling in the cyrillic alphabet too, mainly to practice and learn alphabet. So I'd just have both side-by-side.
But now I'm wondering, should I delete the latin alphabet writing of each word and phrase? And have only the cyrillic one, to train my eye or whatever? Or is it too early to do that, and I can keep writing both side-by-side?
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2022.01.19 15:57 ColtonComp i use quake pro and this is what i look like

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2022.01.19 15:57 premedbitch Pre-II update letters / LOI?

Welp, It's almost the end of January and I'm out here with several Rs, 2 pre-II holds, and radio silence from the rest. I've almost given up hope, but still holding out a little because I have about 20 schools to hear back from. I want to do everything I can to maximize my chances to get a II, because I feel like once I have my foot in the door for one, I can definitely charm my way into an A!
I just started a brand new volunteer opportunity, and it aligns perfectly with the particular underserved narrative I focused on in many of my secondary essays, and also furthers the career I want to have as a physician. I want the remaining schools to know this about me (at least the ones who will accept application updates), so I've been considering sending out letters of interest.
Is it a lost cause to send out update letters / LOIs pre-II? Or at this stage in the game, is it all I have left to get a school to notice me?
Pls help :)
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2022.01.19 15:57 think_you_know Running away from what they voted for, only to vote for it again wherever they go. Brandon is right, "this country is doomed, and not just because of African Americans."

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2022.01.19 15:57 Petalplumpop What should I do about my boyfriend not removing his stuff?

My boyfriend and I, both 22, are vendors who sell things at markets and pop-ups. He started because it is my full time job and he wanted to try it out. So he goes to all the free markets with me and sells his stuff as a hobby. I make all my stuff by hand and do it full-time.
I only have an Altima which doesn’t have a lot of room. He doesn’t have a car or a license, nor does he try to get one. I bought my car with money I made from vending full-time. He isn’t very good with money.
However, he has a full clothing rack, table, chair, and tubs of his stuff in my back seat. My stuff is limited to the trunk. I’ve asked that when we aren’t vending, he please bring his stuff out of my car and store it inside, then put it back. We vend about 2-3 times a week, so he said that was more hassle than it was worth. I explained that I’d like to use my car for other stuff beside storing his vendor items. I can’t fit groceries in the car, can’t have friends in the car, can’t go to the beach or anything… On several occasions I took his stuff out of the car and put it away because I had to go somewhere where I really needed my car. This has probably happened 10 times in the 4 months he’s been vending. I’ve gotten mad about it since we keep talking about it, and have thrown it in the driveway and made him put it away.
I’m at my wits end now. Either I throw it out or just tell him he’s not allowed to vend with me anymore. I know that would put a big strain on our relationship, and a financial strain on him since he could no longer benefit from that income. I’d just like to be able to get groceries again, or be able to see my blind spots without all his stuff in the way. I’ve explained this to him and he acts like he understands, but never does it. I’ve told him I’m going to start charging him to use the car, but he just sends me $10 a week and says he can’t afford anything else. I just want my car back. I miss MY car. I know it’s silly but I really don’t know what to do. I’m starting to really resent him for it.
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2022.01.19 15:57 mtncat11 What is this white stuff on the bottom of my tank? It's always there, I clean it up like 3 times a day and more appears. It doesn't look like poop/food mess, but I don't know what else it could be.

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2022.01.19 15:57 xcsler_returns Dvorak vs. Petry

Have either of them ever smiled or showed any type of emotion on the ice?
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2022.01.19 15:57 alohanerd Got Clutch & Archie today!

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2022.01.19 15:57 KyloRensPecs Fit for An Autopsy - Far from Heaven (the Gojira influence is STRONG on this one)

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2022.01.19 15:57 2bibros Tax brackets

I made a big chunk of money selling crypto earlier this year. I know I need to pay taxes on the gains and it Is based off of income and tax brackets. On my W2 I am right below being in a higher tax bracket. Ex: I’ll need to pay 12% on my crypto gains but if I made a little more I’d have to pay 22%… but the thing is I also have an OnlyFans account and have made money on there. Does this push me into the next tax bracket? Or is it based solely off of my W2? And then I pay taxes on my OnlyFans profits? It would be enough to bump me to a higher tax bracket if that is how it works 😫 thanks tax pros!
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2022.01.19 15:57 AvocadoPrinz The meme of truth has spoken

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2022.01.19 15:57 bulbubly The nature of pleasure in ace kink?

I've been talking with someone who is ace and also kinky, and the combination has me feeling confused. I am TBD/aceflux and as such do experience sexual desire and pleasure sometimes, so it's difficult for me to entirely separate the kink dynamic from sex.
So I'm curious how other kinky ace people experience pleasure in kink. I assume it's not primarily sexual, but it must at least cause physical pleasure sometimes, e.g. endorphin release from flogging, right? Is the pleasure emotional or psychic in nature?
I'm trying to understand this so I can figure out what I'm targeting if/when a scene could occur. Obviously it's different for everyone and I'm talking to the person in question, but I'd love some more perspectives. Thank you!
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2022.01.19 15:57 dapperwagon Student loan scam! Go get em!

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2022.01.19 15:57 Cro370z Phantom gray or Matte storm gray? 2021 Supra

Are these colors the same? Everyone’s mentioning phantom gray but on my sale sheet the color name is “Matte Storm Gray”
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2022.01.19 15:57 __NamanAggarwal__ SpiCY.2 is cheating!

SpiCY.2 walling! floor banging, with maestro!
And others getting boosted.
Refer to the clip
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2022.01.19 15:57 limited8568 Negative Four, instead of being a square, he's a circle!

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2022.01.19 15:57 calamitywithinsanity All of my settings are places I've been to, can anyone relate?

When writing a setting, I feel like I can only conjure up images of places I've been to....even down to pretty mundane things like someone's house.
For example, my MCs live in a house that looks strikingly similar to the layout of a friend's house. The "generic city" looks a lot like the one I live in. The apartment of another story is the exact layout of my childhood apartment. I even have a story working with a castle and...surprise! The layout inside looks the same as a family member's house.
I don't think it's a problem, but it's just something I have found interesting. Can anybody relate?
Maybe this is a sign that I need to play more Minecraft haha
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2022.01.19 15:57 HotelInvesting Terminology: The Guide To Real Estate Syndications

Hello everyone,
Your friendly mod here. I got a message from a member who wanted to learn about the terminology and I wanted to make this thread in order to help understand abbreviations as well as definitions.
Let's get started:
GP - Short for General Partner. This is the partner that is typically the point person for the transaction. They are doing all the leg work and piecing together the deal.
LP - Short for Limited Partner. This is the partner that invests in the deals, but does not have management responsibilities. Typically they are not liable and they are only risking their investment given their lack of involvement. Hence the word "Limited".
Preferred Return - The minimum return that is agreed to that the investment must hit before the GP is entitled to their promote (see below).
Promote - This is a type of fee that the GP will take. This is not an upfront fee, but rather its referred to as a cut of the return. For example, if the terms state 8% preferred and a 50-50 split, it means that after the investors achieve an 8% return, the GP will get a 50% of every dollar over that amount. Now this preferred return could be calculated on a yearly basis or on accrual basis. For the most part, it is done on an accrual basis, which accounts for negative past balances. I can go into this in more detail if needed.
Asset Management Fee - Not to be confused with the property management fee. GP usually takes an annual fee to help keep their lights on and support admin staff at the corporate level.
Property Management Fee - This fee is paid out to the property management company. In some cases, the GP may have an internal management company so they may not contract this out.
LTV - Loan to Value. This the % of loan relative to the value of the deal. For example, if you got a $10M total property value and the lender is providing a 70% LTV loan, then the loan amount is $7M.
DSC - Debt Service Coverage. This is the ratio of the NOI over the annual debt service (mortgage). If your NOI is $125K and your annual debt service (P&I) is $100K, then your DSC is 1.25x. Most lenders typically underwrite to a minimum in order to ensure there's sufficient coverage.
Equity - The total cash from investors into the project.
CapEx - Capital Expenditures. The funds spent or that will be allocated to improve or repair the property. Typically when buying an older asset, it makes sense to put in a reserve for this that you can allocate to cover maintenance issues.
Syndication - Hope you know this one since its the name of the sub. It's a structure where a group of investors pool their funds to acquire an asset. A GP would typically bring the deal and then work to syndicate out the equity to LPs.
Recourse/Non-Recourse - There are two types of loans. A full recourse loan is when the guarantors are on the hook for the full loan amount in the event they default. A non-recourse loan is when there is nobody help liable in the event of a default. Due to this, non-recourse loans tend be more expensive given the added risk for the lender. You also have limited recourse and items such as carve-outs. This doesn't really impact you if you are a LP, but it's still vital information when understanding the GP and their risk in the deal.
This is a basic list and I will continue to edit the post and add to it. I just thought of these off the top of my head and I know there are a ton of terms that have been left out. If you think I am missing anything, feel free to let me know by commenting or DMing me and I will update the list. Going forward, I want this list to be another educational tool for our sub.
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2022.01.19 15:57 toehill Download file question

Hi there, I'm a R noob just starting out; trying to make some manual work more efficient.
I am wanting to download a csv file from a web page every so often when the agency who updates the data republishes it on their website. They update it monthly.
My problem is, when the agency updates the csv, they change the url to include the month and year they published it,so it's constantly changing. Last month the csv file name included 'november-2021', and now it has 'december-2021'.
The last past of the url is consistent and descriptive, and doesn't change month to month. Also, there are a bunch of other csv files on the same web page that I don't care about.
How would I go at pulling this data regular and getting around the url name change? Could I use the last part of the url to search for the file, and then download (or sjmilar)?
Thanks for helping out a newbie.
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2022.01.19 15:57 Toohead Can someone confirm if the iPhone 12 in black has a blue tint when looked at in sunlight?

Hey, I noticed that the iPhone 13 in black has a blue tint. Because of that I wanted to to know if the iPhone 12 in black has the same "problem". It really bothers me because I just want a classic jet black iPhone.
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