I'm sorry, little one

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2022.01.19 16:54 tachankarussianjesus I'm sorry, little one

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2022.01.19 16:54 Rosco_1012 Watering collection from a greenhouse

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2022.01.19 16:54 Fatal_Nightmare Ну не жлобитесь! Сколько раз Вики вас выручал... А шо те шлюхи

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2022.01.19 16:54 Heltendk Jurij Gagarain

I respect jurij way more than N. A or buzz i dont relly under stand why nobody knows him
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2022.01.19 16:54 bucket--bot GUESS THE OTHER WAY

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2022.01.19 16:54 PropertyNo7411 Local in 2005: "It was said before they just secured the area."

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2022.01.19 16:54 CareerPancakes9 Average r/dating post

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2022.01.19 16:54 gag099 Broken Masquerade

Broken Masquerade The last heir to the throne has been struck down in a tragic drone strike against the royal family's private jet earlier this year. With this unfortunate event the kingdom has been left without a king or an heir of any sort and has fallen to ruin. However when our will seemed shattered hope arrived.
The Consort has arrived and with her return the need for secrecy is over.
"We have operated using this country as cover for far too long. Our hope was to bring about the final victory against the overlord using this expy of an ancient kingdom to hide our activity. however that is no longer required. Our final victory has been achieved and the only shard that remains is far out of our reach. You may be wondering who I am being the Consort and how this country was founded. When the gas attacks occurred in Gagriel a century ago the survivors fled north on the last ship in the Gagriel navy. Along with them fled the last few loyalists from kappa force that hadn't been killed by the overlord. There we operated in secret attempting to rectify our greatest sin. The nation of gagriel created the overlord in an attempt to better prepare themselves for potential Arcadian aggression however when the bombs fell it malfunctioned and went rogue. Once it went rogue its influence spread across the planet like cancer. We were the ones that hijacked his own ship crashing it into his construct on moho forcing his dormancy for a time. When it returned it was stranded on its asteroid and constantly tried to reach out to escape however through the sacrifice of thousands of soldiers we contained it for as long as we could. But when he escaped and started flinging slow Bombs we were forced to withdraw to protect kerbin as best we could and while we didn’t strike the final blow. That honor belongs to Vikus; we prevented him from leaving the engagement.
How do I know that you may be wondering this was over a century ago? That's because I was there. I am both the Consort and VALL-1NT1N4. I was there at the very beginning attempting to live my best life in sanctum but that's a story for another time. However with my return we shall avenge the wrongs that have been brought upon us by the world and avenge the loss of millions at the hands of dictators and villains. With the freedom to no longer hide in the shadows we will operate in the open.
With a new government comes a lot of changes ofc and some of these changes will be difficult to accept however to be blunt the kingdom of Elohim and in its place reborn and resplendent lies the United cities of Firesvar. And with this new country comes a new flag.
Flag is an artistic interpretation of the first strike against the overlord on moho with a hijacked space craft.
The United cities of firesvar operate similarly to Elohim with regards to those leading the cities being either elected or hereditary positions depending on the locale the only difference is that positions in the federal goverment are elected upon by the leaders of the free cities with Kappa force having just as much say in these positions as one of these cities. ((ooc this is just the end of elohim and me starting to lay down the groundwork for what i will come back as if i do this was planned since the onset of the reseting of the timeline))
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When I was searching for the damn near perfect server, I was looking for serious Role Play, characters with depth, and creativity. I was looking for limitless opportunities in my character's work, social life, and overall experience in a city. About a week ago, I found something truly special, Vixity RP. I'm not just kissing its ass, it truly is amazing, with an extremely dedicated owner, and team of devs. With a large enough community, this can and will be something special. It is 100% run, and created by the suggestions and wants of the characters and players, and no, it isn't a chaotic 100k or die, run and gun server, it's a story, with real depth, and real ways to discover yourself, and others. Your imagination is your limit in Vixity, if you want to run a racketeering ring out of a motel, go for it. Oh, you want to open a gas station? Do it. There are limitless opportunities for the everyday person, to be something great, create your legacy, legally, or not so legally. The way your life, business, enterprise, and experience runs, is only limited to the imagination and creativity of the character.
How we operate:
Vixity RP is an economy based, heavily character influenced storyline. Our city is more than just get rich and spend fast, its a life, a legacy, to be created by you.
Features: Legal work:
-Multiple delivery jobs
-Wood chopping
-Waste management (the legal way...)
-Being an employee in player run restraints, bars, dispensaries, you name it!
-Chop cars
We have over 200 jobs to pick and choose from, come and see!
Whitelisted jobs:
-Real estate
-Tow truck driver
-Highway Patrol
-Weasel news
Illegal work:
-Drug smuggling
-Illegal crypto mining
-Drug running
-Rob banks, jewelry stores, corner shops, houses
-Steal and sell cars
-Gun dealing
Our criminal underworld doesn't stop there, trust me, there's an in depth story line players can interact with to gain more info!
Special features!
-1500 custom vehicles
-Druuugs, custom drug effects, with Meth, Coke, Crack, Acid, Oxy, Weed, Blue meth, And more
-100s of custom guns
-Custom engine sounds
-police have crowd control weapons
-custom police badges
-5 dealerships and mechanic shops
-House furnishing
-Custom crime scene and police investigation system, serial numbers, blood splatter, shell casings, DNA, and more forensics.
-Court sessions
-Custom prison system
-Business cards and advertisements for player run company's
-Custom clothing
City pass times:
-Craigslist like market
-City wide events, demo derby, races...
-Boxing ring
-Scuba diving
Over 100 ownable and profitable businesses, owning a single gas pump can make you money
Custom Business cards, ownable taxi ads, billboards, car liveries, etc.
Any player, can own any business, made up or in game, and do WHATEVR they want with it.
Some examples:
Your very own taxi rank
A restaurant with illegal gun dealing on the side
Lumber yard
Corner store that has an underground drug operation
LITERALLY ANYHTING YOU WANT, that's what makes us special, we don't limit you to the scripts, or in game features, VIXITY is what you, the player wants it to be.
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2022.01.19 16:54 htownnwoth Rate my pecan tree pruning (before and after; approx 70 feet tall)

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2022.01.19 16:54 special-character Can anyone ID this beauty? (Southern Portugal, rocky grass land under oak tree)

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2022.01.19 16:54 E-Wagner Practicing my skills!

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2022.01.19 16:54 WebLinkr When Patching Security Flaws, Smarter Trumps Faster

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2022.01.19 16:54 Snaggle2th Cockatiel

Anyone interested in a Cockatiel? Moving and can't bring him with.
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2022.01.19 16:54 letoking77 Daily Monika #468 (artist is とり on pixiv)

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2022.01.19 16:54 Boring_Ad_7144 Wayne Brown will take charge of The U's as interim manager, assisted by Joe Dunne & Dave Huzzey.

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2022.01.19 16:54 SignalGreenM4 Taking your life in your hands

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2022.01.19 16:54 acmillett Squeaky sound diagnostic

my board is at about 260km. This noise only appears if I am on it and rolling. Whether or not I am accelerating with the controller. It gets louder with more speed.
Is it old bearings? Need WD-40? Please help :)
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2022.01.19 16:54 International_Space5 Non mike pog

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2022.01.19 16:54 Shadow-ignis is this like a thing now

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2022.01.19 16:54 cxtnqijv repeats, amplifies

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2022.01.19 16:54 NewWaver101 Can I get a QC on these Trvais Dunks

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2022.01.19 16:54 bridgeb0mb my bf left his phone at home and i feel so bad for not bringing it to him

i stay over night at my boyfriend's place most nights. he left for work at noon and i went home at 2. after he left i heard some type of notification noise in the other room. i thought, did he forget his phone by accident again? i went to look for it but i couldn't find it. i would've brought it to him bc his work is on my way home. but when i couldn't find it i thought maybe the noise came from his computer? his computer is in the same room i heard the noise in. then i got distracted bc his pets were all over me begging for water and to go outside. i also got distracted by his cat bc his cat ruined our dinner by knocking it onto the floor last night and my bf got super mad at him so the cat has been all hissy and fighty ever since. kept tryna swat at my ankles and bite me. so after i dealt with all the pets i gues i forgot about looking for his phone anymore.
im home now and he called me from his work and asked if i could look for his phone. i told him i was already home (i live half an hour from him so i don't wanna drive for an hour to get him his phone) and he asked me if i could login to some account on google that could track his phone's location bc he was worried he lost the phone since he swore he had it when he left. i explained how i thought i heard his phone that morning but couldn't find it and assumed it was his computer and then forgot. he was trying to make the phone call short and was short with me and i don't know if it was bc he was at work so he didn't want to get sh*t from his boss or if he was mad at me or if he was just angry he didn't have his phone.
i feel bad. i should've looked for his phone some more. im pissed at myself for forgetting about it. it probably is somewhere in plain sight, his place is just messy so it's not easy to find stuff right away. why didn't i just call his phone with my phone? then i would have been able to hear it? i am honestly so dumb most of the time.
i feel like i always let him down bc i have no brain cells. this kind of stuff happens every day. i am so dumb it's not even funny. i always worry it's narcissism that makes me not think enough. like i just expect things to be handed to me, i don't put in enough effort to do anything myself type of thing. i wanna break up with my bf so bad bc i don't think im well enough to be in a relationship rn but i feel like he won't let me. he's just gonna say it's okay and that he loves me anyway, but im just gonna still feel guilty all the time from constantly being stupid and i don't want to live like that anymore.
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2022.01.19 16:54 Curryking4711 Is that Ty Burrell in the Book of Boba Fett episode 2?

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2022.01.19 16:54 sivret20 What mods should I prioritize?

I have a bunch of mod components because I've never purchased a mod. A few questions:

Thanks in advance
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